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    Quote Originally Posted by MsEricka View Post
    A warforged monk that's maximized for Breath of the Fire Dragon. If you're uber, that's the build you want.

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    Very good post/point Bruttus, I would say for most builds (inc my own too) the completionist feat and most all of the PLs you have to get make very little difference at all and certainly not worth the huge time investment it takes. I would have been almost as well off to just do some sorc and wizzie PLs (that I will be doing as well anyway) and call it good, there are many many awesome FVS who have done that and I would be done by now if I had. However DDO was very quiet endgame for awhile and it gave me something else to do, otherwise I likely would have just taken a long DDO break instead. It also satisfies the crazy perfectionist inside me to see just how good I can make my "main" and gave me a chance to keep a good friend company while he worked on his completionist too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dexxaan View Post
    C) I believe I can contribute a lot more to my Guild, by also Gearing & Fleshing out my other toons so that they can all be close to an A-Game build.

    - Bruttus
    Another good point, I think my guild thinks I don't love them anymore because I have hardly seen them since I started this, and I've even had guild aggro for it! (Guys... you are meant to nerdrage at the pugs! not at me ) My other alts are lacking attention and many are not upto scratch for endgame and haven't been for awhile... and my future completionist needs a complete regear when I am done which will take awhile too since her gear was even outdated when I started this journey!

    But all in all it has been lots of fun, all the lives have gone by quickly and painlessly, I've brought in a ton of turbine points! and I can't wait to see how cool she will be once she is done!

    **edit** almost forgot my other reason for doing this crazy TR project... it gave me a good reason to play/try different classes/builds I had never been before w/o commiting to keeping and gearing a new alt on my account (unless I decided I liked it enough to do so) I had never played a monk/barb/melee bard/arti and many others, so this has been great! and soon I will have a real monk of my own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Havok.cry View Post
    I am seriously considering completionist warforged lich grandmaster of flowers with shadowdancer twists.
    That made me think of another build: a mainly barbarian (wf, horc, dwarf or whatever you like) with grandmaster of the flowers as ED, attacking unarmed and twisting some fury of the wild. And the name of this build: FURY OF THE FLOWERS!!!
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