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    Default Looking for a RP guild.

    G'day. I have been playing on Thelanis for a few months, and I joined the server since it was the unofficial rp spot. I haven't seen much interest in the lore while pugging around these few months. Although, I guess I've learned how to play well enough in this time to be a decent guildy. I'm thinking there are no heavy rp guilds, more a combination of lore and gaming. But, if there are any out there, I would be interesting in joining. I am currently a lvl 16 warforged wizard, have 1 tr, past life arti. If you are looking for members and think I'd be interested, please leave your guild information here so I can check you out. You can message me in game as Xyxn or sometimes find me waiting for someone in the Lonesome Tankard.

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    seek out umber hulks or fellowship of the golden night
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    I'm on it. Nerfing the new thing asap.
    Also, nerfing the old thing too, for balance.
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    nnnnnnnmn....Pie is greater than Cake....nnnnnnnnn
    ^^^^didn't need to hypnotize me to make me say that :P ^^^^^^

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