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    Default Old Time D & D One N Done on Ghallanda

    Would like to start a static group to run quests one to two nights per week on Ghallanda from about 8pm to 11pm EST.

    Would also consider something for Saturday or Sunday at other times.

    Heck, may even make more than one group

    Would like to make this a tactical run type group and progress through and enjoy the content.

    This would be a no spoiler - non zerg - group with the goal of running the quests one time - correctly - and moving on to the next one.

    Group would try to emulate the tabletop feel and rely solely on the group for its health/wealth to include:
    No spoilers - particularly on quests that are not familiar to others
    No use of shrines ever (including resurrection) other than the Eldarin turn ins and in Wilderness area prior to quest
    Resurrection by ability/spell only
    No use of the Brokers/AH
    Limited buying of magic basically for inscription purposes only (no potions or wands bought)
    Use collectibles for magic items
    Attempt all quests on either hard or elite - but just one shot
    No twinking - work within the group only
    Not participate in the "frills" ---- just good ole running quests for xp and favor

    Death if it happens - without a resurrection ability would be handled the way many tabletop dungeons handled it - grab the corpse (soul stone) - retreat to the town - move on. Hopefully this won't happen. In mid game play a cleric and an enhancement resurrection ability should do fine.

    New players are welcome - even free to play - just be willing to shell out for the occasional adventure pack if passes are not available.

    Right now two are definitely interested and possibly a third, but if there is a good response would love to make this happen sooner rather than later.

    Other considerations - voice is really preferred
    Please be over 18 and mature
    Please be willing to invest two nights a week to this venture.

    I've started a small guild - just a few members - you wouldn't be required to join this guild but might be nice to hang out in a guild ship.

    I'm also strongly considering making the guild primarily for "Static Group Play"

    Post if you want to join post and I'll reply either in forum or via PM.
    Same holds true for interest in a primarily "Static Group Guild"

    I've played DDO a long while - but did take a long recess - and enjoy a deliberate pace by inclination and for other factors.

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