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    Default Looking to start up a good RP/perma-death group

    Maybe even get two full-6 groups going at the same time. Set up dates and times when everyone can play, that way we all progress together. I'd like to do two groups so that we can join together for the raids. Though it might end up just making things more complicated. Anyway...

    I'm looking for people who want to engage in a more story- and character-driven group. This will include:

    Having a character background in mind. You will need to be able to give your character a personality, and this will often stem from their history. You don't need to tell your story off the bat, but having one will help if any questions about your past arise.

    Actively engaging in conversation with the NPCs in quests. There are some NPCs in which only one person can speak to them at once, and then they can no longer be interacted with. For these situations, one person will need to read off what the NPC is saying, then type in the player dialogue choices so everyone knows how we can respond. I see too often people just running through quests with no idea of WHY.

    Interacting with the environment. We need to remember that we're suspending disbelief. It's not just some dungeon's a living, breathing world and we're a part of it.

    I'd like everyone to have a roll and be able to utilize their unique skills to contribute to the party's success. If multiple people want the same class/role, we will roll 1d20 for it or something. Role breakdown will be something like this:

    In combat:

    - Tank: High AC and/or HP. Threat generation (Intimidate, +% items). Combat tactics would help (trip, sunder, etc). Enough DPS to help keep yourself alive.

    - Healer: I want to start of by saying that you DO NOT, or at least should not, have to completely dedicate yourself to healing the party. I know first hand that it can become boring. But your main goal will be keeping your comrades from dying. Rangers and Bards will not be considered for the Healer role, but are more than welcome to help ease the burden. Cleric, FvS, Druid, and Paladin are the choices here. We will go over questing tactics, but for the most part anyone who needs healing should drop out of combat as much as possible, but maintain line of sight with the healer

    - Crowd Control: Web, Command, Hold Person/Monster, Daze, Soundburst, Otto's...these spells and others like them will be your main weapons. Immobilization of the enemy is a huge key to success. CC is always made stronger by good DPS backing it up.

    - DPS: You are the party's main damage dealer. How you do it is entirely up to you.

    - Specialist: The value of having a trap disabled or a lock picked is immeasurable. Take enough levels of rogue or arti to be able to consistently get your comrades through this specific type of danger. Specialists may also act as scouts or the party's Silver Tongue (for dialogue checks involving Diplo or Bluff)

    - Buffer: A strong buffer can utilize both Divine and Arcane spells. Bard is always a great choice, but there is something to be said for a FvS/Sorc who can get the best of both worlds. Take into account spells that are available in wand form if you choose to multiclass. Bards, Wizards, Sorcs, Druids, and Arti's all make strong buffers.

    A few requirements:

    Must be willing to work as a team! No zerging, no micromanaging, etc. We're all in this together, so let's play to ensure survival, success, and fun for everyone.
    Must be able to communicate via voice chat. Exceptions could be made (we can discuss this here.)
    Must be 18 or older. I don't want to be responsible for children hearing things they probably shouldn't.
    No racism/sexism/offensive comments or behavior.
    No excessive swearing or vulgarity. Some is fine, as the group will be adult members, but we don't need to detract from the game by being vulgar when it's unnecessary. The main thing though is to respect others. Anyone looking to join must keep in mind that we are an adult group, and adults can and will swear. If you don't want to hear ANY of it, please do not join.
    No trolling/grieving. We're here for fun, not for you to get your kicks from frustrating others.

    Any suggestions are more than welcome.

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    Why not join a permadeath guild?

    See here Official Permadeath Guilds Listing, which rules pleases you... and welcome to permadeath!

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    you think paladins can be healers, but bards can't?
    Quote Originally Posted by Eladrin View Post
    Grease is the only party buff
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    talk about your exploits
    Quote Originally Posted by Memnir View Post
    DDO is not PnP. This is by design

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    Soulbound is PD/RP guild. Check us out!
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    I'm on it. Nerfing the new thing asap.
    Also, nerfing the old thing too, for balance.
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    nnnnnnnmn....Pie is greater than Cake....nnnnnnnnn
    ^^^^didn't need to hypnotize me to make me say that :P ^^^^^^

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