For those of you who already play RoB:
I started the order ¥ Dungeons & Dragons ¥ in hopes it would one day be filled with DDO and PnP D&D players. We are a level 18 order with over 20 members, however none of them have posted anything about D&D. If you play, consider joining the order and hopefully we can be 100% D&D players soon. We are competitive already in the Holy Wars, plus D&D players get priority for order ranks. Search for my character name Dienonychus and request an add to the order.

For those of you who do not play RoB:
It is a rapidly growing card game app, mixing elements of Magic the Gathering or other such card games with the questing and attacking of many of the Facebook game apps. It is a great way to get some quick gaming in when you are away from the computer. It can be downloaded to Android, iPhone, and/or iPad. It is free to download and play, and much easier to be competitive as a F2P player than DDO (there are of course real money purchase options in game). If you decide to play BE SURE TO ENTER A REFERRAL CODE AT THE END OF THE TUTORIAL for some great start-up bonuses. My referral code is qrr60660. Then see above paragraph to find me, add me as a fellow, and join the D&D order!