This is a farewell to all. I will rarely be on in the future and i will miss all you who i have met over the past 5 years. I never planned on leaving and i certainly never wanted to write one of these post but i feel that i would be remiss if i didnt. Most you know that the game has been dumbed down to the point that its not challenging to a majority of players. I have no desire to play a game that has no challenge factor at all but still rewards so many as if they are earning these rewards. I have seen more people gaining obscene amounts of gear that i could have ever imagined in my worst nightmares. Unfortunately no one seems to care because all that matters is that u have all the top gear. Some of you will say that the game was never challenging it was just a grind, well i say that at least the grind gave u a sense of earning the gear if nothing else.The gear was earned by putting in the time at least. Im sure quite a few of you have kids and what happens to kids who are given everything and earn nothing...They become spoiled and ungrateful. They also become VERY bored of there new toys very quickly. This is what i see happening, you all linking in guild chat and party chat and general chat all this shiny new stuff thats been given to you and then after a short while you will grow bored of your new toys and hopefully wonder where is the heart and soul of this game has gone.Is it just about gaining loot as quickly and easily as possible or is there not something more that someone ,anyone wants out of this game. I play games ,games of all sorts for the unique challenge each one brings. I also have played a LOT of sports in my life and i always played to win..BUT i didnt want to win so badly that i was willing to play 5year old kids in a game of Tackle football to feel satisfied and pleased with my game experience. The devs did a great job with the graphics and the story and many other things but imo they missed the heart of that matter which is to me a game we can be proud to play and proud of our achievements. When i have obtained loot over the last few weeks i have just felt empty and quite honestly insulted. If turbine thinks this is the model for success i believe they are sorely mistaken. This fools gold they are giving us will be revealed to be not very long lasting. I am feeling this way and i believe many of you will start feeling the same way soon also. I hope i have not underestimated the Dungeons and Dragons community. We are a proud people with a lineage that goes back many years and have always had high expectations. The DM's from the days of pen and paper are rolling over in there pen and paper graves. I know i am. I DM'd for years and i created for my players a experience worthy of a bards tale, of deeds done against the greatest of odd's and treasures unearthed from the deepest and most dangerous of dungeons. My heart is broken and empty i cannot enjoy this new DDO which will take me away from some great friends. Sadly Darc