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    Default lol

    Quote Originally Posted by jeremyt View Post
    ah darc, tis I reck. Thou hast braved many mods, then updates and you almost lasted through an expansion (and ofc the 4-5 hotfixes in between each)

    always good to run with ya man, I know me dragging dave away from guild runs and whatnot has kinda been a thorn in your side but I think besides that we where pretty chummy

    side note, me and dave have been duoing the new content on epic elite and some of it is quite challenging. The one in the well in the middle of town i downed something like 19 lesser SP pots and 3 majors and dave downed 5-6 majors first time we tried it.

    *edit* yeah and on bugs. Just bought a cookie jar for giggles, and it doesnt work. Was trying to click NPC to enter tangleroot and i glitched back to house P entrance from market. My spells misfire/glitch for no apparent reason still. list goes on..really makes me think they need to revamp the game down to its engine and rebuild it with clean high performance code/servers.

    ...BTW can i have your ****?
    NO! you cant have my stuff Yeah Epic Elite is not too bad. Just not enough people willing to run them on a consistent basis. Ive noticed that most run it a few times and then think..meh, i will just farm it on Epic hard and gets all me loots the easy way. I know people who barely had a stitch of old epic gear and now there coverd from head to toe in there new shiny's from running the easy button called Epic Hard..oh well. Not this guy! Good times reckter u will be missed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robdrew View Post
    ....that its not challenging to a majority of players. ......
    I get your meaning but this part is WAY out. Your definition of the majority will include others who've played as long as you and have similar gear to you, meaning when soloing or grouped most things the devs can produce are quickly overwhelmed.

    However the real "majority" have nothing like your experience or gear even with the new items coming out. You'll know from our years of playing a bad player with great gear is still a bad player and a good player with naff gear is still a good player and the latter will always do better than the former. Therefore Turbine/WB has to cater for these people more and those who had the time, friends and luck to gather and do everything are likely to lose out as they're by far the minority.

    My solution? Leave TR'ing to a minimum, maintain 15-20 odd toons and try to kit them all out enough but make sure there's always more than enough to be just out of reach. That way you always have something to strive for.

    That's my philosophy anyway.
    <------Pay no attention to the join date, played pre-launch in EU & moved to U.S. servers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuzzyDuck81 View Post
    but...but... whizzing around without gear, skill or knowledge of whats going on is pretty much our guild's entire modus operendi!
    Yes, but whereas before we wiped horribly and had fun laughing at our own incompetence, now we get away with it. And that's no fun.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kmnh View Post
    I have a policy of not drinking anything that gets blocked by the wordfilter.
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    Thank you for playing DDO, and we hope to see you return to the game soon!
    Have fun, and don't forget to gather for buffs!
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