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    Quote Originally Posted by MadFloyd View Post
    (...)For most players, this is a buff(...)
    I don't see how replacing simple system where you could do quite decent damage with clickies (that you can replace to other equipment after using) and minimum Action Points usage (1 per spell damage, 1 per crit, "superior xx" item - + 100% damage) with current "spell power" is of any advantage. Sure, I can get better damage now - at the cost of being forced to use more "spell power" equipment.
    Also, as far as I see, on lower levels I have "superior inferno II" that gave +75% replaced by much inferior items. So - in my opinion - the quote is far, far away from being true.
    Surely that is a nerfing metamagics; still high cost of SP, far lesser effect. While I understand that balancing was (in your opinion) needed, please dont say that "it is a buff".

    Well... maybe I am just angry, because I have bought the expansion before I saw what a mess the mechanics became now and wasted 35$.
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    Reading all this took more then I wanted in time, but, it was worth it I guess. To the Dev's who I did enjoy running running with and learning from in Beta, thanks for taking the time to explain things. To those who want to be self sufficient and solo everything quick and do away with healers, please let those of us who enjoy the spirit of the game alone. Has it ever been brought up to have one or two worlds that are only for the power gamers? I think that would be a great idea. These are two extremes in game play, as Dev's I think it is nearly impossible to keep both groups happy. I hate what you have done to my clerics. Breaking and nerfing them to keep power gamers happy makes me very unhappy. I have been playing clerics since 1979, yep pen and paper and making the change to this was hard enough. Now having to buy all new equipment and get used to having to keep stocked up on potions I have not had to buy for ages is a real pain. The radiant servant issues and people wanting to do away with it, has me very tempted to just say the pitiful excuses for the hireling clerics is going to be all they get. It is no wonder people no longer want to play clerics, you've made the class undesirable to most players. Why can't people just let others be with what they want to play? If you want to play a super powered monk/ranger/paladin do it, if I want to play a team player cleric not just a heal bot, let me. Why is your way the best? This is getting to the point, I might as well go back to video games that are maybe 4 player. Maybe a world for those of us who want to play as a team...Just a thought. Please leave the healing alone or put it back and please leave radiant servant alone. It is one of the few good things that clerics have left.

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