Has anyone tried manyshot/exalted smite yet on a FOTW on the live servers?

From beta it sounded very promising.

I was thinking of trying a paladin 14/ranger 6 to get right into FOTW and compare the effectiveness of the two.

A level 14 exalted heavy pick should be (+49 damage) x 6 x 5

which with the + damage I'm thinking would be about equivalent to

x3 x5 x4 with manyshot.

In practice does it work out alright or are you better off just playing a fighter or barbarian LD?

Feats something like:
1 PA
3 cleave
6 great cleave
15 toughness
18 weapon focus
21 OCP
24 ? maybe precision
(or switching to PBS, IPS, ICR, combat archery if manyshot turned out superior... at that point I'd probably LR out of paladin into a monkcher if adrenaline worked with 10k stars)

Anyone tried something similar yet? I'm sure there are a lot of rangers with FOTW experience with manyshot....