I am not VIP and I say not signed.

Look the only reason that I even consider going VIP is the elite opening... to be honest I probably have spent more $ "free" than I would have with a subscription but that is my choice.

If I hadn't spent all that cash then I would be VIP now. If they were to up the VIP turbine points or add some other nice perk it would probably tip me into a subscription.

Turbine loves our bursts of cash injections but it's the slow steady premium payments that keep them from doing anything too crazy with the game. The worst possible scenario is them needing to make sure they make payroll and offering something game breaking in the store (+10 tomes only 1500 TP each 3 day sale!!!!).

So not a VIP and not signed. I would be happier if TR's could just open elite straight out. A second life can make a lot of sense but right now I am on my first 3rd life toon and I honestly don't see it being any more powerful than she was on her second with all the new changes.