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    Post ☼ The Shadowed Vale ☼ is recruiting! - Relaxed Guild - Level 52 - Sarlona

    About Us: ♠ - Currently Level: 60

    The Shadowed Vale is a mixed VIP\Premium relaxed no pressure guild on Sarlona that began as a friends only guild when free to play was released. We are all adults and most have played together since 2006 when we met in a guild called Vale of the Shadows. Our new name is a play on the now inactive guild we met in. We played together in a few other guilds before we decided to band together. Our guild has a very small core group of 3-6 players currently that play as a static group together consistently, sometimes more or less depending on who is online. We have many alts of various classes and levels that we can play. We don't boot for inactivity and sometimes have to afk for real life issues or responsibilities- some of us have kids.

    We do our questing, flagging, and leveling together but do join some raid pugs or solo from time to time. Our level ranges vary over time so we have characters that range from 1-25. We try to keep our questing humorous, fun and friendly with no pressure or drama. We generally want you to play any class you wish to no matter what quest we happen to be doing. We don't care about -10% xp from a death or two and generally crack jokes at one another if it was a spectacular death or discuss what the killing blow was to be better prepared. A few select higher level elite quests even on TR characters can be challenging and sometimes things happen! We will help teach and answer your questions about game mechanics, feats, items and classes if we are able and you ask.

    Our quest runs are moderately paced- some are fast, some are slow, and some are inbetween. Our goal is to remain small and personable to promote a healthy fun atmosphere where everyone knows everyone else.

    We discuss mature subject matter and use profanity at times so here is your warning!

    We only have one rule- Be Respectful.


    We are looking for friendly casual weekend players that are easy going and would be interested in doing weekend heroic questing, epic questing and when we're able- guild raids. All playstyles are welcome but we are based around a casual no pressure playstyle and intend to keep it that way. Sometimes we can be on during the week depending on schedules, however the majority of our playtimes are weekends- Friday evening at around 5-6pm to early am, all through the weekend till around 10pm Sunday evening central US time.

    We have no prerequisites to join other than running quests with us so that we can get to know you to see if we are a good fit for one another. It isn't an interview we just like to quest with and get to know the people we invite.

    Contact and Get To Know Us:

    If you have any questions and concerns or to setup quest runs to see if we are a good fit for you - contact us! Here are the ways to get in touch with us:

    Contact Us at the top of our MyDDO page or our Guild Wall.

    Ingame mail or /tell -


    MyDDO Link: Raneeta
    Starrfire, Raneeta, Dnita, Sweethips, Zeda, Sensuall, Lunardevil, Snyperneeta, Padfut, Sharyn, Startlefist, Neetalya, Neetababy, Hollyanna, Arcanedevil

    MyDDO Link: Aphion
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    On the forums\MyDDO with a private message or posting in this thread.

    MyDDO Guild Link:The Shadowed Vale

    The best way to catch us is with a /tell as we are on every weekend barring real life commitments. If you can't seem to catch us please feel free to try again with a different method or all of them.

    Happy Gaming!
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