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    So give it to me much xp does this take? =) prob gonna have to do it.

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    1) 8*1.5+2*1.08=14.16 million xp to get all fate points.
    2) 10*1.5=15 million xp to get all destinies to level 5.
    3) 10*1.98= 19.8 million xp to get all destinies capped.

    between 2 and 3 now myself.

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    Well, There is a point to getting to 15 mill xp, for the fate points. Also if new destinies come, you can get more fate points easily.
    Probably worth it to max a couple of main destinies/twist destinies for raiding.
    Probably not worth it to cap all destinies As u can twist till level 4 destinies only.

    Personally I depopulated the entire House of Dunrobar of all their Battlemasters ( easy to do on my caster life). roughly 10k/min 2.5 - 3min completions ( tod clicky isnt expired by the time I am complete)
    Others might resort to Impossible Demands which has a more variable xp per/min( better xp/min but only if u pull it off well).

    Of course u can only begin farming ED xp when u are capped and holding at Level 23 for minimal penalties.

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    Great Job man,
    But for some reason you left out the best part...
    You Piked all that XP

    Nah Im joking it was fun helping you with that
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    Quote Originally Posted by die View Post
    yea that confirms my suspesions altho i will admite i did not think it would be that much xp for a freakin haste boost lol 18 lv 5 in the bag thats 13 more jsut for a haste clicky lame well i guess they need for us too grind somting while we wait for content guess you cant blame them there o well i chose not too participate in the destiney thing i like my tank im happy with that ty for the confirmation.
    Stop and breath.

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