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    Thumbs down LR+1/+3/+5 broken - uses your free respec instead

    So a week ago I tried to LR+1 my FVS at 20 out of 1 lvl of Ftr. Used a +1 wood. Noted it gave you an option to choose the free respec or a a heart of wood. Selected the heart of wood option, it even show +1 wood in the next text.

    Got to the boat- used my free respec. My +1 wood was still there in my pack, but no ability to swap out that pesky Ftr lvl. I was more than a bit mad. Put in a ticket - 30 mins and nothing, but hey, it was just a few days after U14 - Menace of the Programming Glitches release. No surprise with no response. Bug reported it. Decided to just TR a few days later. Heck... maybe I hit the wrong option... you never know.

    Well, now I know. Today I tried to do an LR+5 another toon. I checked known issues. Nothing. I watched the options very closely confirming the text said +5 wood before I accepted. Just like last time. Cancelled and checked the options text 3 times before proceeding. Just like the first time, friggen +5 wood still in pack, can't change levels. Been waiting for a GM now for 55 mins and expect they are going to tell me there is nothing they can do.

    It's a game, but the LR hearts are real money and a week delay really sucks.

    Note in the pictures below you select the lower option to use your heart and in the bottom picture it confirms it will consume the +5 LR heart...

    Just thought i would vent and pass the word. Thank you for your time.

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