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    Default re: Shroud tonight - for streak!

    Greetings Fellow Sarlonians!

    I just got my TR fighter to level 18, and i'm planning on running the Shroud tonight
    at 8:30 p.m EST.

    The level requirements will be from 18-19 only! First time completion for me (on this life), + greater tome of learning + 50% elite streak = a whole bunch of freakin xp!!

    Now I know people are going to be like " dude your nuts, the shroud is crazy on elite".

    But I also remember running a shroud with all level 16's a while back. Also ran Sarlonas 1st ever all sorc shroud on elite, as well as Sarlona's 1st ever all WF shroud on elite, and last but not least Sarlona's 1st all Barb run on elite.. - btw all were completed.

    So, I like to extend the opportunity for fellow Sarlonians levels 18-19 to partake in this most excellent adventure... I only have 3 requirements to get in:

    1 - Melees show me your gear! (yes, I have a pair of Lit II heavy pics, but not going to cut it with elite DR on harry).

    2- NO FIRST TIMERS! If you don't know the shroud like the back of your hand, then please skip this run.

    3- have speakers to hear party leader, and have fun!!

    see ya there!

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    I have a lvl 19.... who just went on timer this morning.

    I've been in several elite at-level attempts, and they are... difficult, to say the least. Real war of attrition.

    Best of luck to you!

    (And make sure your rangers, pallies and casters ALL have Lvl 11 Resist Energy wands... really important for when those ship buffs run out!)

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    Roger that, The reason why I posted so early in the day was to stop people who read this from going on Timer!

    I hope the group fills, but keep in mind I will be quite selective in my picking, based on class/gear/weapons. Not sterotyping against certain build but if I see a class that's like 6/10/2 Barb/Ranger/Rogue, I probably won't take him/her.


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