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The currently prevalent DDO play style seems to be to run up to the enemies and ‘out-dps’ the opponents in a massive way. Opponents usually don’t last more than a few seconds. Many can barely get off one spell or swing before going down. Buffs laid down beforehand and healing afterwards negate most of the weak attempts that the opponents make at the characters’ lives. A crowd control build makes sure that not too many opponents engage the players at once. So, what do you need? Lots of DPS, enough healing to keep them up and one buffer and crowd controller. Focused builds provide the most chance of actually filling the role you seek, so those are wanted more and more as the stakes get higher.
Except what happens when you don't have a healer or a CC caster?

My mutt (12/6/2 fighter/ranger/monk) has PUGed many many times (in the new epic content too) with max-DPS barbarians or fighters who end up dying without a dedicated healer. The ones from the elite guilds usually bring a hireling along if we don't have one, or they chug silver flame pots, so they don't die a lot, but if they get knocked down for a second while surrounded, it's usually "Ding! Dead melee."

Me, I probably only do 70% of their DPS, but I NEVER die. I'm the one who always saves the party from the wipe.

Now, who do the elites want when they are doing a epic elite raid and they have the healers and casters in the group? The focused max-DPS barbs of course, and for good reason... they ARE more effective than my mutt in those roles.

But I enjoy being able to do any quest any time without problems. Some quests go easier with a ranged attack. I can do it with 6 levels of ranger and manyshot... More quests go better with a solid melee attack... I have it with 12 fighter levels, good weapons, and Haste Boost IV. I don't kill as quick as the max-DPS crowd, but I don't get hurt as quick either.

High AC, High Dodge, evasion, self-healing, UMD, decent ranged attack, decent melee attack.

All this is more useful in many quests and PUGs than max-DPS melee attack only builds.

Although again, in a static group or guild-only runs where every role is available, six highly focused builds will perform much better than 6 "generalist" builds. But a "generalist" build will do much better in most PUGs, and has the advantage of not having to wait for a healer or a caster.