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    Default Arti Dilly Bugged

    I've been planning to end my TR train as a Helf Rogue with Arti Dilletante so i picked it this life to test how it works exactly. Needless to say, it's bugged. I've seen around a year or so ago a thread where someone provided a screenshot of scrolling GT in ADQ where +2 UMD to scrolls didn't apply. I thought it was already fixed as i haven't seen it on Known Issues list nor on any bug list from U12 and up.

    Let's start with CL increase. It seems to be working on weapons/armor/wands but doesn't always work on pots (it can be pot related though). I've tried using Barkskin CL 5 that has a duration of 5 min, so it should give me 6 min. Yet, it didn't. Next were Prot from Elements pots:

    While the amount of damage absorbed increased from 50 to 60 like it should, the duration remained unchanged although the description says "1 minute per CL".

    Next on the list of bugs is +2 UMD bonus to scrolls. Here is me failing UMD check on GH scroll.

    Note the check, it's +26 so only ranks (21) and CHA mod (5) were applied, no bonus from arti dilletante.

    Another try, this time scrolling Fire Shield.

    CL +1 applied correctly (at least to the duration, not sure about damage part though) but once again +2 UMD is not there.

    That's pretty disappointing as that +2 UMD on scrolls is one of the biggest selling points of Arti Dilletante.

    Or maybe it's just me having a bugged character? Anyone else noticed this recently?
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    Default Slight Necro

    I don't usually Necro, but this is where the master list of broken things points. Character sheet doesn't show the UMD increase nor does the scroll failure rate. However, I did extensive testing of this the other day (burnt through a stack of heal scrolls) to verify it's functionality. As if 12/28/2012 this does function.

    Testing was casting of scroll until I observed success on the two dice rolls that should have been in my fail zone.
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