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    Default Deadly Weapons Buff not applying

    I took a level 21 Heavy Repeating Xbow that had the 2[1d10] damage and stripped it.

    I added a +5 enhancement to it along with a Seeker+6 and a Pure Good.

    Base Damage Rating was now 17.60.

    Casting Deadly Weapons on it does not change it,it stays 17.60.

    I can cast same buff on my GS Heavy Repeater and it jumps to 20.35 (14.50 without)

    Testing it on a Dummy and it is not just a visual bug.

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    i'm thinking it has something to do with the fact that epic-stat weapons aren't being correctly deconstructed??

    does your weapon actually still do the 2[1d10] or does it only display the 2[1d10]??
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    I have noticed this from fresh looted 'epic' weapons. They seem to not ever have their dice increased, from cleave or any other damage increase.
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    When I deconstructed it the damage was 2[1d10] in Deconstructed form.

    My GS Xbow is 1.5[1d10],when Deadly Weapons is cast on it it becomes 2.5[1d10]
    The lvl 21 Xbow should become 3[1d10],it does not.
    The damage range doesn't change either.

    I obtained another level 21+ Xbow and did nothing but cast Deadly Weapons on it,no change to it either.

    It still only does the 2[1d10] damage.

    Got a +6 Rapier,Deadly Weapons DOES NOT work on it.

    Bought a Oathblade from the Purple Knight Vendors and Deadly weapons DOES WORK on that.
    Oathblade is a +6 2[1d10] weapon without DW
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    Didn't realize the Oathblade is level 20,it just has the new damage range,probably why it will accept and apply the DW buff correctly.

    It seems any weapon 21+ will show the buff on them but is not applying the 1(w).

    I guess no upgrade for my GS Xbow in Underdark Expansion,why am I not surprised.
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