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    Default Sorc out of retirement and a bit rusty (but not Warforged)

    I brought my Halfling Dragonmarked Sorcerer out of retirement the other day, used my freebie Lesser Reincarnation and became an Earth Savant. Then I strolled into the new L16 quests that lead to MotU, and proceeded to die.

    Once was just not wearing my Deathblock item - that was fair enough. But even through my various buffs and protections, I seem to be quite fragile. I try to lay some nice acidic clouds, drop Black Dragon Bolts and Acid Arrows on the enemies and take evasive manoeuvres until they die, but I seem to do a fair bit of that myself instead.

    As an Earth Savant, what sort of plan should I be following solo? (Apart from don't-be-a-halfling-and-if-you-are-don't-take-the-marks!) I have some Dragons Bloods, so I can go from Earth to another Savant type with ease, if that's for the best - I don't have my heart set on flesh melting.

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    I leveled a drow first life water savant with relative ease but she didn't solo those quests near level. I have an earth savant WF now at level 16 and I'm pretty sure she wouldn't do much better than you describe. My feeling is that water savant can one shot things and I'm not seeing that yet with the earth savant. They do get dots sooner though.

    Water is great except where it's not, and the counter weakness they have with fire makes undead their biggest problem.

    Before changing anything, you might want to spend some time on live fire drills in level 12 thru 14 quests. From your description I assume you aren't used to driving this toon yet. Target selection, spell rotation, and being able to heal take practice. I love my sorc but if I'm going to run her with others I try to take her for a spin in slayer to get used to driving her again.

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