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    Default Divine and Caster melee is nice now

    On my lvl 20 CLR18/FTR2 his melee damage is averaging 250 on ciritcals after the update. It use to be about 150.

    Now my new caster WIZ6/ROG1 is even good at melee with a keen rapier. I did not gimp his STR. It is 14. (I dumped CHR, and thought I would LR later if I regret it, but now I here UMD is not as good.) He is beating out pugs in melee damage. When they see me go through monsters like cutting cheese they stop coming over to help. When u have more hp than pug melees and have moderate fortification on that they do not... it is hard not to melee even as a wizard. I also noticed that all my melee buffs use a lot of my sp leaving my damage spells for mainly bosses. This is lvl5 content lvl7 elite stuff. I suppose firewall use to change that, but with the update I am not so sure. The only thing is I need one of those sticks for my spells against bosses. Starting to think if I gear him right with some of the wiz melee spells his melee will be decent till epic.

    I can only imagine what pure melees are doing.
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    Odd - nothing I read in the release notes was about melee damage going up on a per swing basis. You should be hitting more often, but unless you have some fancy new weapons or other gear I wouldn't have expected actual melee damage to have changed.

    Please feel free to correct me by pointing to the part in the release notes I must have glossed over.
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