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    Default Looking for a guild

    Yeah i'm looking for a good guild, i don't mind its level or anything i just like to have friends on their and be known to be loyal in their guild. I am a loyal guy also a experienced heavy RPer but that doesn't really matter, what matter that i look for is to have a guild that are active and works together in raiding/dungeons. I don't care bout its airship has none or does and its level i'm not like that. And if there is any UK guilds please put a note i'm welsh and i'd love a timezone of GMT -0 if you aint Uk guild and just at different timezone then still go ahead i'll check out your guild once you tell me about it.

    i'm a loyal guy looking for a nice guild to make friends and work as a team. I'm 17 years old i'm profoundly Deaf unfortunately(means fully deaf) so that means i hate to see guild who just does voice mics.. i'd love a guild who just textes.

    I'm thinking about choosing a tank or healer to stick as main
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