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    Default First Life Straight Forward

    Can anyone point out a straight forward first life wizard build? Warforged, 32 point. Been looking around, and I'm just missing it I guess.

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    Default Build Idea

    Few questions, on feat selection and order, would you do it differently? And on Elements, Fire/Cold for leveling? Switch to Cold/Air around vale? Whats your thoughts?

    Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 03.12.02
    DDO Character Planner Home Page
    Level 20 True Neutral Warforged Male
    (20 Wizard) 
    Hit Points: 242
    Spell Points: 1956 
    BAB: 10\10\15\20
    Fortitude: 11
    Reflex: 15
    Will: 10
                      Starting          Feat/Enhancement
    Abilities        Base Stats          Modified Stats
    (32 Point)       (Level 1)             (Level 20)
    Strength              8                     8
    Dexterity             8                     8
    Constitution         20                    20
    Intelligence         18                    28
    Wisdom                6                     6
    Charisma              6                     6
    Level 1 (Wizard)
    Feat: (Wizard Bonus) Mental Toughness
    Feat: (Selected) Toughness
    Level 2 (Wizard)
    Level 3 (Wizard)
    Feat: (Selected) Insightful Reflexes
    Level 4 (Wizard)
    Level 5 (Wizard)
    Feat: (Wizard Bonus) Maximize Spell
    Level 6 (Wizard)
    Feat: (Selected) Spell Focus: Necromancy
    Level 7 (Wizard)
    Level 8 (Wizard)
    Level 9 (Wizard)
    Feat: (Selected) Heighten Spell
    Level 10 (Wizard)
    Feat: (Wizard Bonus) Quicken Spell
    Level 11 (Wizard)
    Level 12 (Wizard)
    Feat: (Selected) Greater Spell Focus: Necromancy
    Level 13 (Wizard)
    Level 14 (Wizard)
    Level 15 (Wizard)
    Feat: (Wizard Bonus) Spell Focus: Enchantment
    Feat: (Selected) Spell Penetration
    Level 16 (Wizard)
    Level 17 (Wizard)
    Level 18 (Wizard)
    Feat: (Selected) Greater Spell Penetration
    Level 19 (Wizard)
    Level 20 (Wizard)
    Feat: (Wizard Bonus) Empower Spell
    Enhancement: Wizard Master of Magic
    Enhancement: Racial Toughness II
    Enhancement: Improved Concentration IV
    Enhancement: Glacial Spellcasting I
    Enhancement: Combustive Spellcasting I
    Enhancement: Reconstructive Spellcasting I
    Enhancement: Deadly Ice I
    Enhancement: Deadly Flame I
    Enhancement: Mighty Reconstruction I
    Enhancement: Acid Manipulation I
    Enhancement: Frost Manipulation VII
    Enhancement: Storm Manipulation I
    Enhancement: Flame Manipulation VII
    Enhancement: Repair Manipulation I
    Enhancement: Wizard Spell Penetration III
    Enhancement: Wizard Energy of the Scholar IV
    Enhancement: Wizard Subtle Spellcasting I
    Enhancement: Wizard Intelligence III
    Enhancement: Wizard Wand and Scroll Mastery I
    Enhancement: Warforged Inscribed Armor I
    Enhancement: Wizard Archmage V
    Enhancement: Archmage Secondary Spell Mastery I: Enchantment
    Enhancement: Archmage Spell Mastery II: Necromancy

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