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    Quote Originally Posted by unbongwah View Post
    There are so many sources of extra HPs these days that I wouldn't bother with Toughness anymore, outside of, say, tank builds which are also going for eToughness. U19 changes basically turned Toughness from "must-have" to "completely expendable," IMHO.
    To be fair, both Rip and I posted about taking Toughness well prior to update 19. As this thread has been necro'd, our posts are from 13 months ago now. However, you are absolutely correct that update 19 has changed the need for Toughness. In fact, I have removed it from 11 of my 12 characters and I do not miss it one little bit. Getting the extra feat to actually help my characters in their chosen role has been very nice and I am glad to be rid of Toughness.

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    Totally missed the thread necro by Rubix. Failed my Spot check that time!
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