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    Hello, we are a newly met band of adventurers questing for riches, power and the pure thrill of adventure. We are looking for one or two brave souls to join us.

    Although we are still forming up and finding our preferred playstyle (2 of us are brand new) it looks like we will be doing light rp with ic dungeon runs and possibly some time spent at the tavern planning our next conquest. We are planning to try out some voice rp and may adopt this as a permanent playstyle. We are a stricly no spoiler, no zerging group and we aren't too hung up about power gaming and min-maxing.

    At present we have one Barbarian, one Cleric and a Rogue; although we are open to a few different classes we are mostly looking for an arcane caster and possibly a little more muscle of some kind.

    We are currently all sitting somewhere between 2nd and 3rd level and we have decided on a 'no outleveling the group' policy. Although we have been organizing on the fly due to oddball summer schedules we plan to be meeting regularly on Sat or Sun some time between 10am-2pm pacific time (we are all in different time zones).

    If you would like to know a little more about us or say hi, you can drop by our thread which lives here:

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    Note that's Spellslinger, not Spellsinger

    Not that we wouldn't welcome a bard too, but a little arcane firepower would really fit in well with the group

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