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    Default Another natures warrior bug?

    As anyone who has taken the natures warrior PRE is aware, the extra damage for hitting mobs with under 50% health doesn't proc very often (perhaps 20% of the time at most despite it meant to cause extra damage on every attack on a mob under 50% health)

    It also seems that natures warrior II PRE doesn't even do the 2d6 extra damage on those rare occasions when it actually does proc. The most I'm ever seeing is 6 extra force damage the same as with natures warrior I pre. Anyone else noticing this?

    * the only time i see more than 6 extra damage is against a helpless mob, where all damage does more.

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    yes, I have had this same problem on my druid with the bonus damage from nature's warrior not working correctly, and also I've seen the extra force damage proc when the enemy is above 50% health, although it comes up with 'immune' so it at least checking if they are below 50%

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