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    Default Battle Arcanist Set vs. Epic Docent of Shadow

    Obviously not just the Docent of Shadow but since that's the main thing I have to change...

    As a WF PM, it's hard to contemplate losing the docent which packs so many PM things in one item. Just trying to get opinions on whether the 10% discount to SP is worth having to find all the Necro/Neg. Energy stuff on other items. If so, any recommendations on what other items?

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    If you have greensteel and a purple ioun stone, you're basically using 3 gear slots solely for the 10% reduction while locking yourself out of the torc of raiyum and your docent. Bad tradeoff in my opinion.
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    I agree. The Battle Arcanist set seems more for those who don't have great gear already, i.e. newer players. Magister can give you 10% SP reduction, too, and you're probably going Magister for DCs already, anyway.

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    Items stack with feats stack with enhancements.

    I see no reason why the Magister ENHANCEMENTS would not stack with the Arcanist ITEMS.

    But Arcanist (and Cleric of Amanatour) takes up the neck slot, and that means no torc, and that means I'm not interested in either one.

    Set bonuses interest me less than the individual pieces, like the PDK gauntlets with their delicious healing amp and con.

    Besides which, I've got my eye on green dragonscale, which includes the 10% SP reduction. I don't think I'd give up the mabar robe/docent boosts on a PM, but for any non-PM, green dragon is fairly full of awesome.
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    The Magister enhancement, Arcane Adept is only 5% fewer spell points and dont stack with any equip...

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