Part of the ED system was that progress in ED is retained between TRs. In fact it is likely that in order to get the max number of fate point a toon will be required to TR - 30 million ED xp is a lot.

I'm wondering about prerequisites and TRs. For example, suppose I did a Fighter Life with Improved Sunder and took tier 1 Sundering Swing rank 3.

According to the notes: "Twist of fates don't require prerequisites: you can put an enhancement with a prerequisite inside the slot without having the prerequisite."

However, if I do a XX life without Improved Sunder and stay in the LD tree, so Sundering Swing is not twisted. Can I still use it? What if I reset the LD tree and then want to take Sundering Swing again? Take it as a twist without prerequisite?

Seems to me there is so room for problems to occur. People complaining that they need to see Fred twice in order to get Sundering Swing "back" and then returned to the old feat, etc. Plus other hijinks.