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    Default Window Opacity

    Looking for a UI that is sharp and clean that allows you to control opacity in all windows. Especially the target bar. Ideally I want the target bar to fade out to 0% when nothing is targeted. This is because I like to keep the target bar dead center of the screen, so when I'm not fighting or don't have something selected I don't want to see a big empty grey bar in the middle of my screen. But when I do enter a dungeon and target something I want it to show up. This is a common feature in EQ/WoW/everyotherMMOever

    I've downloaded Blackbird which I like, but does not have this function. DDO Lite doesnt' seem to be current.

    Any suggestions or help? Doesn't need to be a complete UI, happy just to get the target bar.

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    If I am not mistaken, I think I stumbled across that feature in the UI Menu. I think it is near the bottom of the first set of checkboxes. Again, I am not for sure, I don't use the feature, but I could have sworn I found it somewhere in the default UI.
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    Correct. It is in UI settings in the Options menu, at the bottom of the first string of check boxes -- right above your die and font size choices.

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    Default Opacity of the hotbars?

    Is there a setting, or an updated (post Underdark) UI that allows for opacity of the hotbars?

    I've played EQ1, DAoC, and WoW - and all of them allowed me to make my hotbars & chat window various degrees of see-thru.

    While I need 4-6 hotbars actively in window for my cleric, I don't need to have them in vivid colors.


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