Air Savant with seconday in cold.

What I'm thinking at the moment:

T2 Magister: Spell School specialist, +3 Evo DC

T2 Exalted Angel: -30% Light damage (with the new content, Divine Punishment stacked even 2 times is deadly on Epic elite)

Third twist I'm really not sure. I'm pretty sure it can be Max Tier 2.

N.B. T2 in the list below stands for "It's a Tier 2 ability in that destiny". Every Twist I'll take will be rank 3 obviously. Also, I can't see the rank 3 of the abilities listed below, if someone can clarify them for me it would be great.

  • Shiradi Champion: Fey form T2 (+15 Spell Power and 9? DR/Cold Iron)
  • Grandmaster of Flowers: Running with the wind T2 (+12? Elec resistance and +30% Movement speed)
  • Fury of the Wild: Primal scream T1 (+5 Str and Con for 5 mins to nearby allies)
  • Fury of the Wild: Fast healing T1 (4d20? HP healed every minute)
  • Exalted angel: Endless Faith T1 (12%? Max spell pool increase)

Any suggestion?