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    Default Does the adrenaline +16 to threat range mean Frenzy have 80% to get extra crit mult?

    Not quite maxed Fury yet, I noticed that in the level 5 adrenaline description states it adds +16 to critical range, how is that added? I know this sounds to good to be true, but I gotta ask: Will every roll you do under the adrenaline effect become 16-20, increasing your chances to land a +x3 multiplier form Frenzy 3 and extra critical from overwhelming critical and legendary dreadnought to 80%?
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    The range of what number or higher you need to get a Critical Confirmation roll on an attack is lowered by 16.

    Thus the numbers you see in a weapons crit profile ; 20/x3, 15-20/x2, 18-20/x3, etc... would have the first number reduced by 16 so they would then become; 4-20/x3, 2-20/x2, 2-20/x2, etc. I use 2-20 in the second case because 1 is an auto-miss.
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    frenzy 3 and friends increase the crit multiplier only on natural 19s or 20s so are unaffected by adrenaline.

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