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    Default Awesome Expansion: Please Fix Bugs though!

    There is a metric ton of bugs to this expansion. The content is great, but the amount of bugs are mind boggling. Especially fix the epic destiny bugs, as I'm wary of advancing in any of them currently due to bugs and whether or not they will be fixed in a timely manor. Hopefully, can get it ALL sorted out by next update...hope and pray lol.

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    I have played most online games out there and while bugs are always present after a patch like this I have seen more bugs in this expansion than I have any online game I have ever played.

    I think the expansion is decent as for content BUT the amount of bugs,lack of certain class items with Commendations/end rewards, and the way the Epic Destiny Trees were done was poor Quality Control for one.

    Maybe they did the Epic Destiny Trees to make more money since to get to ones most want it takes time and playing and that means $$$ for Turbine.

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