This has been written in jest, and not meant to offend any. My partner had just started playing DDO few months back, and created a Paladin, because that's what the character creation screen advised her to do. Now, not knowing anything about the game, and the two of us being separated over several timezones for many months at a time, a lot of what she did and found out about the game was all on her own... and consequently some of her choices and decisions were... unusual ("But I don't want an unintelligent Paladin" and "What if I don't look good in that armor" are just two that come to mind immediately). The great thing is that we can joke about these things now, because she has learned so much about the game, and progressed so well with this pally, and made it all the way to 20 almost entirely with just her and I playing, in a relatively short period of time, without an Stone of Shared XP applied. This may not be the ideal Pally build, certainly not built to "save-the-world-and-rid-Eberron-of-it's-persistant-undead-problem", but overall a fun and versatile first character that may still have some life left in it after the release of the xpack.

So, instead of just explaining to her what changes I made, and why I recommended them, I thought I'd put together this silly little report, and add to our overall gaming experience over the last few months.

Well, with the release of MoTU, and all the changes to armor class, combat, equipment, spell power.... and the list goes on, she asked me to take a look at her Pally, and do the LR for her. This, then is the result. Please have fun reading this and feel free to comment "in-character"

(PS: If you play a Paladin, and you have a much better build, good for you! Genuinely, I am happy for you. This is a "first, EVER!" character, and not a bad one I don't think. So, be gentle in your comments, please)

PPS: The first image is always the "before" and the second the "after" LR-ing - unless I screw it up somehow
School Report of a Paladin

Following the release of MoTU, Caiiah has shown little enthusiasm in assisting the village of Evening Star, and pretty much left the Drow and Lolth to their own devices; werewolves are running rampant in the hospital, weird rituals are being performed in sinister subterranean chambers below farm houses, and the King’s Forrest just isn’t the family weekend spot of choice anymore.
As a result, Caiiah was sent back to religious-finishing school to for an overall performance assessment, and was found to be lacking in many key qualities of the order of her faith. After much consideration by the high council, a re-schooling of Caiiah’s belief systems and overall skill sets was set forth by the council, and pending her final evaluation in the field, Caiiah has been found capable and committed to the defence of the helpless, those in need and the general hooligans who make life unpleasant in all realms.
Therefore, the following detailed assessment of Caiiah’s progress has been set out below.


Although Caiiah has clearly become less wise in her old age, losing 2 points in Wisdom, her overall bodily strength has slightly improved, gaining just one point. All other stats remained the same, however her overall hitpoints, most likely due to her skipping some of the phys ed classes, and hiding out in the monastery's library on warm days. The result has been that her hitpoints have dropped by 42 points, but her spell point pool has in fact increased by slightly more than that number. Although the faculty frowns upon the skipping of classes, they commend Caiiah on being dedicated to her faith, but caution her on overzealous dedication to the point of detriment to her own physical wellbeing, as this can (as it has in this case) result in her armor class dropping – albeit only by a single point. On the point of armor and armor class, the head of the Home Ed department wishes to make special note of the fact that when Caiiah returned for reassessment and re-schooling she was wearing the same set of armor she had been seen wearing while conducting missionary negotiation with Gnowls in the Sand, when she was just a babe, and barely even allowed into the hostile environment that is the desert. Someone please take this girl to the mall and get her some decent armor, preferably something in the “heavy” line.


Skills remain generally unchanged, although special note should be made of the fact that her Balance, Swim and Jump skills are now slightly better than previously – no thanks to missing out on the Phys Ed classes! In Caiiah’s old age, tests have revealed that she is hearing impaired, as indicated by her Listen Skill and often observed by part members when she advances the quest without concern from her fellow adventurers. This is particularly surprising, as Caiiah has a good level of Concentration – better than previously recorded.


While Caiiah has clearly neglected her studies in the undead, and thus lost the feat of Improved Turning, her hours of hiding out in the library have granted her a certain Mental Toughness. As a result of years of “proselytistic negotiations”, often resulting in violent conflicts of interest, Caiiah has developed and honed a Focus in Slashing Weapons, and learned the art of Cleave and even mastered the Great Cleave. Unfortunately, this has resulted in her un-learning the finer arts of Mobility and subsequently can no longer perform the complex Spring Attack manoeuvre. The Council of the Faith do not see this as necessarily being a problem, as Caiiah in now well and capable of performing Power Attacks, but wishes to caution her against using this feat excessively, as severe missies may occur from time to time during her “negotiations” with those unbelieving in The Faith.


Enhancements have seen the most dramatic change since Caiiah’s re-schooling, most notably of which is the abandoning of the Hunter of the Dead PrE, and Caiiah’s recent knighthood and indoctrination into the Knighthood of the Chalice PrE. This means that Caiiah will hopefully be hanging around dark, dank graveyards less often, and now deal extra damage against Evil Outsiders, while effectively resisting evil influences particularly well, while her Unyielding Sovereignty will be able to assist those with whom she now travels (including that Chaotic arcane little Drow, Aniza, who has no right in being associated with The Order – gods only know why Caiiah insists on hanging out with that unbeliever, when she is clearly a lost cause, and has no desire in being saved). Casters, specifically arcane, will now also benefit from Caiiah’s Aura of Good: Concentration, adding to their own concentration abilities – clearly as a result of this odd affiliation Caiiah holds with her “BF” caster. Caiiah is able to Smite Evil more often, Lay on Hands as often as she had in the past, and Turn Undead more the previously recorded.

Overall, The Order is pleased with the progress Caiiah has made, and wishes her god speed in her future endeavors. Now, if someone could just do something about that little caster tramp she hangs around, and for god’s sake, SOMEBODY get her some decent armor!

The High Council of The Order