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Thread: Epic Summons

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    Except for Magister which applies to Summons only, yes, you can have all of that. What Hire depends more on your chosen race, skills and AP you spent. The most versatility you probably get with a Half Elf with Cleric Dilettante, as you count as Level 10 Cleric when using Heal scrolls (after spending 17 AP in the racial tree). But it depends on your planned build, in case there won't be 17 AP left, then raise UMD.

    I try to reach a similar thing. After two Wiz lives I'm now in my first Druid life. So two Druid, one Wiz (and one Bard for Enchanting DC) lives left for me. I do not use any xp stones, so it will be late summer or autumn 2014 when I reach my goal? Idk yet but I'll report

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lanhelin View Post
    But there also seems to be a bug: Hires with AugS cannot be upgraded with one of the +4-to-an-ability spell like Bear's Endurance, while Pets can. The spell effect won't have any impact if one already has an item equipped that gives +4 or more to the same ability.
    Ah, I wondered what was up with that. I can cast Bull's Strength on my summoned skeleton without problems, but casting it on the hireling does nothing.

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    With no experience playing a summoner-type build, and extremely little pure caster experience (limited to a character I made over 4 years ago and only played to about 10th level and stopped)...

    On Lamannia, I made a 28 Morninglord 2 Clr/18 Wiz (Magister w/summoning stuff, PM skellie focus, lich form, and using twists from ED:PA), just a test on theory... focused on summoning, enchanting, then necro... Lich form, using the 24 (?) Favored soul hire, skellie, and elder fire ele, buff them, then throw otto's balls and etc to CC, intermittently throwing FoD/Wail/Circle if too many resisted, else letting pets take care of the enemies...

    Was quite capable of handling Tracker's Trap (EH) as a first lifer with mediocre gear... took a bit longer than I expected, but really no danger over all...

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    Yeah, that's half the levels the Lich should be as it should be cr24 and cast finger of death, as well as level drain which has a chance depending on enemy saves to level drain your enemies.

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    For mage with all auguments/feats/druid lifes

    Skelly is VERY TANKY (more than most players) lost count of he carring my stone, unscattered, and even finished quests for me (90% of prove your worth) and can tank final boss in Servents of Overlord (he is kinda my parameter of viable tanking pet)

    For dmg go for Meteor Swarm. Hes damage its not incridible, but is free. He can do about 500-800 damage per meteor shower, and trips at comet falls, even in EE (if u have all feats and past life as me). 500 dmg is the same damage ruin can give, at free cost, every 2 or 3 seconds, só its not a bad damage.

    Lich is the only epic summon that can cc with web. It lands consistently with all auguments, but he uses fireball in sequence destroing the web... If u are a pale master he can have some uses and is very tough (as all undead) but you propably will need ultra high dc for finger of dead, what means only getting int from ED.

    Succubus is very beautiful, can be second in damage, but still subpar. As for palemaster and enchanter probably will need all dc he can get.

    For druid:

    Heroic Lvs use wolves/lions as they can trip constantly. Then start to use Earth elemental when u get.

    Dryad has damage comparable to Succubus, even a bit highter. But she casts regenerate in you and your wolf and party. She also casts death ward and animal growth (with is a VERY usefull if u are in animal form, because duration is short, and u need to cast in u and your wolf. She is reaaaaly usefull here, more is u are animal form). WIith all feats and evasion from natural shielding they barely get damage, and dryad is enough to keep your pet alive. If he is tanking bosses u ll need to heal more frenquently of course. I think dryad really worth in case u are running primal and animal form.

    Wolf pet is a beasts in heroics. He has sometimes more kills than me. My current duid life (the 5th) im bear tank. I use guards and intimidate, so pet always sneak atack, in Stormcleave Outpost Elite final count was pet 44 kills, me 23, hireling 28, summon 8 (Im tank bear). In Epics (with natural shielding) i ll change him to tank, so i can have 2 tanks in one character.

    Any other questions i can ask.
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