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    Default Druid and his Pets

    So, for a First level feat I took Augmented summoning.

    A pet + A summon out at all times, I figured it would be pretty useful.

    Along with that, I cast Bulls+Bears on my personal pet at the start of the dungeon and he does fairly well.

    Still, he doesn't have the DR of the artificer metal puppy so he takes a pretty good beating when he's the focus of combat and I'm just wondering if its worth it to focus on the pet right now as an actual combat addition. The druid himself doesn't get very much AC at low level and the pet DOES trip enemies, hamstring them, and i've even seen him do Con damage with a sneak attack + collar strangely enough.

    Anyone here like the pet? Does it actually fare well after level six or so?
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    I am not sure if druid pets are worth it .

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    I love my wolf. The thing I think a lot of people are missing is that the druid wolf and the artificer iron defender are not meant to be used in the same way. The iron defender is meant to be a tank for a ranger class. It gets DR and a much higher AC. The wolf is more like a rogue, extra DPS. It's squisher, yes, but it should be. I haven't used a hireling yet - me, wolf and animal summon have been plenty, but I imagine with a tanky hireling, or a real person tank, the wolf would be pretty amazing.

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