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    Default returning to the game

    I played DDO when it first came out and i left when the content wasn't keeping up I think I had a 12 Paladin at the time...since returning I have noticed a lot of things have changed...I did decide to go VIP cause I read where it said it opens up a lot more content in game...I am currently playing on cannith however all the friends I made in game are long gone by now so I was wondering if you guys could help me understand some of the new things or maybe know a guild that is active and helpful cause after reading the many posts and things its seems like so much to absorb...I am only at level 2 on cannith and I built it to try and figure out the new things i will create my actual main when I can figure everything out...If anyone can help me out with guild or anything else let me know I am looking for information more then anything but I am willing to switch servers in order to get a good bunch of people to help me out...i am currently on cannith but I am willing to change servers even if it means starting over I am wanting a group familiar with builds and are willing to help low level characters gain levels...when i first played on argonessen i had an awesome guild...I have played many online games from ddo to daoc and i have managed to run with some awesome guilds and made a lot of new friends...let me know

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    Default Welcome Back

    Yeah, I Play on Thelanis. When I first joined is when everything started to change. We have a few guys in the Guild that have sucked in all the knowledge of DDO and can help you out. Everything from better builds to Crafting. Plus, they play almost everynight (East Coast) so you'll always find one of them on. So if you want to switch to Thelanis, game mail me Shalooomo. Take care.

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    Default Recruitment

    Dear Prospect,
    We are recruiting roleplayers. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE BERSERKERS or "ZERGS!" We are a medieval/military/Templar based roleplaying guild that has melded my ADnD 2nd addition "tabletop" campaign of over 20 years w/DDO's campaign.
    I am a DM from ADnD 2nd addition and have been for over 20 years. Our guild is level 31 and has an airship w/all amenities, we are active, however we are recruiting more and more to increase the amount of active members so that at any time (24/7) anyone from our guild should be able to log on and find enough guild members to quest with (so as not to have to find strangers for that.)
    If you are interested (and like minded enough) to roleplay 13th century Templar style, then contact me "Ghonja" on Thelanis server through the floating mailboxes and/or here/or at:
    King Ghonja Flowingwater of Earth
    Grand Master of The Knights of The Covenant

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