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    Default The Unyielding Soul (20FvS/5Epic) US

    The Unyielding Soul

    I've spent a deeper look into the Epic destinies and thought about what to take for my main toon.
    I am not sure if all of this is 100% accurate considering how this stuff works - so far it's mainly thoughts.

    So what do I have - a Strength Based Melee Focused Pure 20 Half-Elf FvS, which is now going to get it's Epic levels.
    The original build can be found here:

    Note - this thread is just a thought. Very likely to change. Input is much appreciated.

    The original Build (not changing anything):
    Heroic Feats:
    Power Attack
    Improved Crit. Slash
    HElf Dille Fighter

    Heroic Enhancements:
    FvS Damage Boost I
    FvS Healing Word Capstone
    Unyielding Sovereignty
    AoV II
    Human Adaptability Str
    Human Greater Adap. Con
    Human Improved Recovery II
    Racial Toughness III
    FvS Prayer of Smiting III
    FvS Prayer of incredible Smiting II
    FvS Smiting IV
    FvS Life Magic IV
    FvS Energy of the Scion III
    Helf Fighter Str
    FvS Toughness III
    FvS Wand and Scroll Mastery III

    Starting Stats (34 Point Build):
    Str 18 (All level ups here)
    Dex 08
    Con 16
    Int 12
    Wis 08
    Cha 12

    Balance, Concentration, UMD (max these)
    Rest in Tumble / Jump

    Tomes (absolutely not mandatory, just what I have):
    +2 Con, +2 Int, +4 Cha, +3 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Wis

    Gear: Look at the old thread. This is going to change anyways :-) Top on my list is Radiance + Devotion Item.

    Epic Destiny (Unyielding Sentinel)

    Tier 1:
    Brace of Impact 2
    Con 1
    Shield Prowess 1
    granted: Vigor of Battle

    Tier 2:
    Legendary Shield Mastery 1
    Con 1
    granted: Unbreakable

    Tier 3:
    Block Energy 1
    Con 1
    granted: Stand against the tide

    Tier 4:
    Purify Weapons 1
    Con 1
    granted: Stalwart Guardian

    Tier 5:
    Ward against Evil 1
    Con 1
    granted: Heed no Pain

    Tier 6:
    Undying Vanguard 1
    Con 1
    granted: Steadfast

    Twists of Fate
    Twist 1:
    Action Boost Haste (Legendary Dreadnought)
    6 Fate Points

    Twist 2: Improved Power Attack (Legendary Dreadnought)
    5 Fate Points

    Total Fate Points: 14
    max. Fate Points is 15, so its much of a grind, may change that

    Epic Feats:
    lvl 21: Empower Heal
    lvl 24: Heavy Armor Prof.

    Summary of enhancements from all the new stuff (all stacking):
    +5 Sacred ac
    Diehard Feat
    +2 attack bonus
    +1 damage
    +40% fortification
    +3 to all saves
    +6 con
    +15% ac from shield
    +5 shield PRR
    10% elemnt dam absorb blocking
    20% chance 3d6 damage on being hit
    Epic Moment (gain 10000HP after 500 hits or misses from enemies, spells or melee attacks)
    +0.5W Weapon Damage with PA
    20% Haste Boosts
    Empower Heal
    more PRR through heavy armor

    Additionaly you have 3 stances to chose from:
    - vigor stance: 100hp, 10% hamp, hp proc on being hit
    This will be my main stance.

    - Stand against the tide stance: 1damage, 20% threat, 5% fort, 1 saves, knockdown immu, pure good weap (1d6 to non good)
    Will use this Stance when more DPS is required, or Knockdown immunity is needed (hello Red Dragons out there)

    - Unbreakable: meh stance, will not use this at all

    So what do I get (self buffed):
    A Melee/Healing focused FvS with:
    - about 900 HP in Vigor stance (woot!)
    - 140 - 145% fortification
    - 2-3 different hit point procs ((demonic shield), conc opp, vigor stance)
    - saves in the 40s
    - somewhat between 70-80 AC in shield mode
    - Heavy Armor PRR
    - great healing (now with empower heal - hooray to maxed Capstone Heals with all Metas)
    - total awesomesomesauce healing amp (self scroll heals as of now for 640HP!)
    - solid melee damage
    - occasional 10000 HP for the laughs
    - FvS Capstone and all the other FvS goodies

    I hope I didn't make any horrible mistakes/misunderstandings of the new destinies.
    If you spot anything please let me know.
    I will level this build and post more when I get there. As I said so far it's just thoughts.
    So far my FvS is at level 21 only.

    Cheers, Eth
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