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    Quote Originally Posted by Vesuvium View Post
    Yes. We agree. This needs to be on the character sheet.
    Glad to hear you say it. Please consider doing it for each damage type, just as you do with resists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemonMage View Post
    It shouldn't need to be recalculated server side. A cached value of your spellpowers should be available to the client and the calculation can be performed client side and the UI updated. Trusting the client to display information it already has access to is okay.
    If it does it for every spell and hotbar item... I can just imagine there being quite a bit of lag every time I swap my scepter/staff.

    I do want to point out that this spellpower system is still a lot simpler than the old system, which had weird multipliers and such. THAT needed better game-info.

    Still, this information would really help explain what stacks with what.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemonMage View Post
    Formula is 1:1. 1 spellpower is 1% damage. And all spellpower boosts are now additive. Base Damage * (Enhancements + Items + Metamagics).
    That's certainly simple enough - but there's a thread somewhere showing that equipment and enhancements are giving 0.5:1 and only feats are giving 1:1 - the question is (along with the effects of THF, TWF and Shield lines vs Natural fighting for shifted forms), what is the situation supposed to be, vs what it is?

    I know they're going to be working on all this stuff - it's just frustrating that it wasn't ready in time for the launch.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vargouille View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vesuvium View Post
    Yes. We agree. This needs to be on the character sheet.
    So can we look forward to a new improved not-six-year-old character sheet in U15? Numerous threads on the forums describing what is needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brennie View Post
    The big difference between to-hit and spellpower, is that spellpower has different iterations:

    • Fire

    • Electric

    • Water

    • Acid

    • Force/Untyped

    • Repair

    • Healing/positive

    • Light

    • Good (or alignment? Is there a way to boost lawful/chaotic damage?)

    • Negative

    • Universal

    Did I miss any?

    So, doing this, spellpower would practically need its own tab. HOWEVER, I would actually LOVE a tab that just listed all the various complicated totals of random status - Like various spellpowers, Spell Resistence, Perhaps total situational bonuses like saves vs. enchantments, save versus poison/disease, saves versus traps.

    OR, alternately, it'd be nice to see total spellpower and/or *modified* damage output of spells on the rollover tooltip, in the same way we can see the modified spellpoint cost and DCs.
    They could do a drop down for things like Spell Power or saves with multiple bonuses. There's really not much I'd need to see at a glance, but this stuff should be on the character sheet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vesuvium View Post
    Yes. We agree. This needs to be on the character sheet.

    Awesome. Thanks. This will be much appreciated.
    *High fives*
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