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    Default Twinking a low level FvS?


    Which items would you suggest for twinking a FvS at levels 1 through 8? U14 wrecked alot of carefully made plans due to the changes to Cannith Crafting and Spell Power so I am looking for new ideas.

    I have Ioun stones, a Carniflex, the exp twinket from Deloras, the Summon III staff from Tangleroot and I will definitely craft invulnerability, a con item and a wis item (unless something better than crafting for the stats show up). My guild is only level 28 so I will be buying resist +20 pots.

    I have a crafter able to craft lvl 100 bound shards.

    Any ideas are most welcome - except those to say not to bother as the first levels are fast anyway as thats not the question here.

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    For really low low levels Maurgarette (sp) necklace which gives +10 hp is nicer then any +con item. Also get some fort. reduction item like a belt. Oh and can't go wrong with FF boots, oh and then there is the bandana of Exp. Retreat so you can Zerg at your own pace...

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