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Thread: Drow Weapons

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    I have had 2 Drow Khopeshes now for some weeks and been unsing them exclusively. After seeing this thread i logged in to check if anything changed on them over time. It hasnt. hardness at 22 for both of them, durability 185.

    I wouldnt really have expected the devs to put in the time to code weapon decay based on sunlight exposure anyway. that seems like a bit too much work...
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    Plus it seems some of you have not read to much of the Forgotten Realms books. Try reading Forgotten Realms Starlight & Shadows: Daughter of the Drow, Tangled Webs, Windwalker. In which Liriel Baenre(Daughter of Gromph Baenre), goes on a journey to complete a rune ritual for "The Windwalker" to allow the use of drow equipment on the surface without degradation, everywhere, and permanently.
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