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    Default Audio volume funkiness

    Well, how do I put it... All of a sudden I cant really change my audio volumes, except the master volume - all others reset all the time. Not the sliders, they dont spontaneously move, but the actual volume changes back to a level I dont want it at (I dont think its the default level either, but hard to say) - this is especially apparent with the DM voice; its so faint I almost cant hear it, I turn the DM volume up and it responds, but the next time DM speaks, its low again no matter where the slider is - and will set to the volume indicated by the slider if I move it even just by a 0.01. Anyone else having similar issues?
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    Got the same Problem.

    This bug was present all the time on lamania too.
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    Same problem with the DM-voice here...
    And in King's Forest I really wanted to here what the Big El had to say. So I ended up adjusting the volume at every message.

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    Default Similar issues and more here

    Since expansion:

    even though i have my UI volume and master volume cranked up to max, the party chat and player "dings" are almost inaudible, as well as the UI interface "ticks".

    Some of the audio settings are resetting each time I start the game or swap toons.

    Sometimes on login, the chat dosent scroll properly and the bottommost line of text is cut in half.

    When mouse hovering over an lfm, if the leader has written 2 lines of text, only the top half of the bottommost line is visible in the secondary window.

    side note: I cannot stand where the main menu button was placed. I mean come on guys, obviously no one thought about the fact that quite a few people use dual monitor setup and the only way for it to function smoothly is to play in windowed mode. which means of course that most people will hide their bottom windows toolbar. which means every time that i mouse down to grab it, i inevitably pop the hidden bar up over the menu button. careless when seconds count big in this game.
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