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    Post Update 14 Broken ‘Things’ Master List (MotU Edition)

    Menace of the Underdark has arrived! And with it, Lolth... No doubt she's brought some wicked bugs from the Forgotten Realms over to Eberron, and such, we have a new master list! Once again I'm going to work at compiling all the bugs players love to hate and post on the forums in this one list to keep track of them for all those interested. This one will be Lolth themed! So enjoy the many (attempted) humorous references to Lolths evil doings!

    So, U14s just come out and there are bound to be some bugs that are going to drive players crazy, so, if you find one of them (or even a minor bug), this is your place to come post it and help ensure no other players get caught out by bugs!

    I request you at least try to use the Forums Built in Search Feature to see if the the bug you're going to report has already been listed (Just try key words, like fort, immunity, etc), if you can't do that Search the first page by using Ctrl + F. I've been getting a lot of 'I'm not sure if its there because I haven't read the list as its so long' and even a few 'TL;DR' opening sentences for posts, and honestly, that's almost a guaranteed sign that I should just skip the post, and with the amount of volume I'm getting that's exactly what I'm going to do. If you're not going to bother reading, don't admit your ignorance, because I find it disrespectful you assume its your right to take up my time but you won't give me a few extra moments of yours. Of course, if you won't do any of my above, you likely won't see this. Oh well.

    When posting pictures, please provide a link of the picture and not the picture itself. Unfortunately full sized pictures tend to make it hard for me to read pages and messes up my formatting. Thank you.

    Classes & Races:
    1. Artificer - Homunculus
      • Homunculus are incorrectly receiving Composite Plating Armor Class benefit from Docents even when they posses Adamantine Plating. (HERE)
    2. Barbarian - Improved Uncanny Dodge
      • Upon reaching level 5, Barbarian are not granted Improved Uncanny Dodge as they should be. (HERE)
    3. Favored Soul - Leap of Faith
      • Leap of Faith does not Regenerate inside Quests, and when you leave a quest instead of finishing it it also does not regenerate in town. (HERE) (Fixed)
    4. Fighter - Stalwart Defender
      • Stalward Defenders are currently not recieving any extra PRR from using a Shield, however they are meant to be gaining 20 PRR. (HERE)
    5. Fighter | Paladin - Armor Class Boost I - IV
      • Armor Class Boost I-IV aren't providing the correct bonuses to match the new Armor Class system, values yielded are between 2 - 5. (HERE) (Fixed)
    6. Fighter | Rogue | Barbarian - Haste Boost I - IV
      • Haste Boosts are currently applying 5% less attack speed than the bonuses list. This is confirmed via the combat as well as the character sheet. (HERE)
    7. Cleric - Radiant Servant II
      • Radiant Servant II incorrectly states its granting a 25% bonus to healing spells, when its actually correctly granting 25 Spell Power. (HERE)
    8. Druid - Animal Forms
      • Monk Druid hybrids will have their base damage dice set to a default value of 1d6 whilst in form, regardless of what the form should be providing. (HERE)
      • When running in animal form druid's must wait for a full attack animation to finish once stopping to resume attacking, causing an awkward delay in animations. (HERE)
      • Druid Animal Forms can occasionally cause non-animal animations to become broken, with the player continuing to move as if it was in its form still. (HERE)
      • Druids in Wolf Form currently show an unattached floating arm if holding a shield above their wolf body. (HERE)
      • When equipping a shield but no weapon in the main hand, animal form attack animations do not trigger and attack sound effects are those of your race. (HERE)
      • Swapping between forms can cause the players client to lag for several moments, it is unclear whether this is a graphical lag or relates to items. It is also unclear if high-end systems are affected. (HERE)
      • If interrupted whilst using the 'Revive Companion' ability on a Druid or Artificer, the charge is used and the ability goes on to cool down without actually resurrecting the Companion. (HERE)
    9. Monk - Ninja Spy
      • Monk Ninja Spy is currently not allowing Monks to weild Shortswords without becoming Uncentred. (HERE) (Fixed)
    10. Monk - Past Life: Disciple of the Fist
      • The Monk Past Life: Disciple of the Fist currently doesn't seem to be stacking with other effects that increase Monk Unarmed Damage dice. (HERE) (Fixed)
      • Items which increase die step are also currently not functioning, having no change to a monks Unarmed Damage dice. (HERE) (Fixed)
    11. Ranger - Tempest (Double Strike Bonus)
      • Upon shining or changing zones Tempest Rangers will lose their bonus to Double Strike. (HERE) (Fixed)
    12. Rogue - Damage Boost II
      • Rogue Damage Boost II currently shows up as "Turn of the Tide" in the buff bar, however seems to function correctly. (HERE)
    13. Rogue - Sneak Attack
      • Rogue's are currently missing some of their sneak attack dice after Lolth stole them, this is most noticeable with the Assassin Capstone. (HERE) (Acknowledged) (Fixed)
    14. Rogue - Assassinate
      • Assassination attempts on monsters which are currently inactive fail because Assassination damage is applied before the Assassination can take place, causing the monster to become active and removing sneak attack chance. (HERE) (Fixed)
    15. Wizard - Shroud of the Zombie
      • Zombie Form is attacking slower with Unarmed Attacks than it is supposed to (without TWF/Haste/Alacrity). Some testing has shown it may be 50% slower instead of 20%. (HERE) (Fixed)
      • Zombie Form, like many other effects that change unarmed damage, isn't working properly at the moment. (HERE)
    16. Human - Versatility III (Damage)
      • Human Versatility III (Damage) currently lists DNT in its tool tip and buff description, however seems to function correctly. (HERE)
    17. Enhancements - Healing Amplification (Incoming)
      • Healing Amplification Enhancements are currently not applying correctly, it seems to be stacking in odd ways. (HERE)
    18. Warforged - Healers Friend
      • Healers Friend is nowproviding a multiplicative boosts to healing amplification, previously it had been additive to the base value of 50%. (HERE)

    1. Ranged Combat:
      • Attack rolls that would hit with a melee weapon are grazing with ranged weapons. (HERE) (Fixed)
      • Attack rolls between 2 - 8 are automatically grazing hits for Ranged Weapons, even if the total is less than what would be obtained through rolls of 9 - 10. (Attack cycle allows this to be possible.) (HERE) (Fixed)

    Heroic Levels:
    1. Heroic Feat - Archers Focus
      • When logging on/off, dying, or loading in to new quests Archers Focus automatically deactivates, however the icon remains active suggesting its on. (HERE)
    2. Heroic Feat - Power Attack
      • Whilst Power Attack is active it isn't possible to get grazing hits, instead getting misses on rolls of 2+ when a characters To-Hit isn't high enough, even though combat changes were meant to ensure misses only occurred on a 1. (HERE) (Fixed)
    3. Heroic Feat - Half-Elf Artificer Dilettante
      • Half-Elf Artificer Dilettante is currently not applying +2 Use Magical Device Skill to Scrolls as it states it should. (HERE)
    4. Heroic Feats - Combat Expertise
      • Combat Expertise currently grants players -5 to Caster Levels. Disabling Combat Expertise to buff corrects this issue. (HERE) (Fixed)
    5. Heroic Feats - Uncanny Dodge & Improved Uncanny Dodge
      • Uncanny Dodge and Improved Uncanny Dodge are currently not stacking at all, although this may be as intended, its not specifically made clear. (HERE) (Working as Intended)
    6. Heroic Feat - Eschew Materials
      • Upon logging in, Eschew Materials is off by default, behaving much like Power Attack does. (HERE)
    7. Heroic Feat - Resilience
      • Resilience is currently deactivated upon casting a spell, even though there's no reason it should. Likely a conflicting channel issue. (HERE)
      • Resilience is currently deactivated upon using a Monk Finishing move, even though there's no reason it should. Likely a conflicting channel issue. (HERE)
    8. Heroic Feat - Precision
      • Precision's description is incorrect, as it fails to mention the ability to bypass 25% fortification. (HERE) (Acknowledged)
    9. Heroic Feat - Improved Feint
      • Improved Feint seems to have been removed from the game, even though it was recently buffed with the latest Update. (HERE)
      • Improved Feint seems to have no effect for those who still have it. No bluff effect is triggered as it should be, and no additional damage as it was supposed to have been changed to do. (HERE)
    10. Heroic Feat - Whirlwind Attack
      • After a Whirlwind Attack has been used against an enemy there's a duration where no further attacks can be made. (HERE)
      • Even with 100% offhand procs, Whirlwind will only proc on the main hand attack. (HERE)
    11. Heroic Ability - Tumble
      • In an attempt to nerf Tumble Kiting, players now pause for a second or two between each Tumble or are forced to sit shield blocking and not moving. Wait, Tumble Kiting? (HERE)

    Epic Levels:
    1. Epic Feats - Combat Archery
      • Combat Archery currently does not increase Point Blank Shots dice increase from +1[W] to +2[W] as it should.
    2. Epic Feats - Overwhelming Critical
      • The Overwhelming Critical Feats are currently not working with any forms of combat. On rolls of a 19 or 20 the critical damage multiplier is not increased by +1. (HERE)
    3. Epic Feats - Improved Martial Arts
      • Improved Martial Arts is currently not applying the +0.5[W] to Ki Weapons. (HERE)
    4. Epic Feats - Vorpal Strikes
      • Vorpal Strikes is currently behaving like a Passive Feat, and not granting correct Vorpal on 20 damage or effect. The slashing typed damage change is correctly working however. (HERE)
    5. Epic Feats - Improved Sneak Attack
      • Improved Sneak Attack currently does not grant its stated +3d6 sneak damage. (HERE)
    6. Epic Level - Level 24
      • Upon reaching Level 24 there is no option to increase an ability score, this is not working as intended and there is no known work around. Lolth is scared. (HERE) (Fixed)

    Epic Destinies:
    1. Draconic Incarnation
      • Energy Vortex works against against Pale Masters, and can be a fun way of helping your friendly neighborhood Lich or Vampire to a peaceful afterlife, or at least another group. (HERE)
      • Draconic Perception currently does not add the additional +2 to reflex save when taking the final tier. (HERE)
      • Draconic Knowledge is failing to increase Caster Level, meaning buffs do not have their durations extended. (HERE)
      • Dragonhide does not grant immunity from automatically failing saves upon rolling 1s for the final tier, even though it says it does. (HERE)
      • Draconic Presence's Illusion DC increase currently does not stack with other +2 Increases to Illusion DC. (HERE)
    2. Exalted Angel
      • Endless Faith fails to grant players Echos of Power at Rank 3 despite the fact it should. (HERE)
      • Righteous Fervor will stop counting any new stacks if the stack has previously decreased by two. The only way the counter will continue is when the counters reaches zero. (HERE)
      • Endless Ardor will stop counting any new stacks if the stack has previously decreased by two. The only way the counter will continue is when the counters reaches zero. (HERE)
      • The Judgement ability incorrectly have Passive Icons instead of Active Icons. The ability works correctly however. (HERE)
      • Endless Ardor fails to count Nimbus of Light as a light based spell. (HERE)
      • Judgement currently works against Pale Masters, and can be a fun way of helping your friendly neighborhood Lich or Vampire to a peaceful afterlife, or at least another group. (HERE)
      • The Renewal ability incorrectly have Passive Icons instead of Active Icons. The ability works correctly however. (HERE)
      • The caster levels granted from Exalted Angel aren't applying correctly and are having no effect. They should be granting +1 Spell Penetration for each Caster Level, longer buff durations, and increased damage for spells which have no Caster Level Cap, however this is not happening. (HERE) (Fixed)
      • Embrace the Light is currently healing players when they are hit with light spells, rather than simply removing damage from the spells. (HERE)
      • Angelic Presence and Astral Vibrance are currently not being suppressed by entering any form of 'stealth'. (HERE)
      • Avenging Light seems to have been retyped to Untyped damage in 14.1, and is doing around half the damage it did previously. (HERE)
    3. Fatesinger
      • Fragment of Song: Clarity is not applying the buff to the party when you take the second tier of the ability as stated in its description. (HERE)
      • Fragment of Song: Valor is not applying the buff to the party when you take the second tier of the ability as stated in its description. (HERE)
      • Reign is currently putting all Spells on a 10 second cooldown without any apparent reason. (HERE) (Fixed)
      • O Fortuna's save bonus currently does not stack with Greater Heroism, seemingly both are morale bonuses. (HERE)
      • Aria is currently causing a 10 second global cooldown on all spells upon activation. (HERE) (Fixed)
      • Grandeur's aura currently isn't projecting to allies, however it still correctly affects the Fatesinger. Bards are selfish and egotistical. (HERE)
      • Autogranted abilities that are supposed to increase Caster Level are not doing so past the first unlock. (HERE)
      • Abilities added to Inspire Courage are do not have their durations increased by Lingering Song Enhancements. (HERE)
      • Music of the Spider Queen currently incorrectly causes 'Immune' to show above any Fascinate Vermin. Assuming they fail their save they will be Fascinated however. (HERE)
      • Fatesinger's Repetoire
    4. Grandmaster of Flowers
      • Light as a Feather doesn't make players immune to falling damage as its description says it should. (HERE)
      • A Dance of Flowers is currently not working with Bows, even if the user has the Zen Archery Feat. (HERE)
      • A Dance of Flowers is currently not working with Shortswords, even if the user is a Ninja Spy. (HERE)
      • Enemies who resist being destroyed outright by Everything is Nothing are becoming permanently immune to all damage. If they do not have death ward, they can be killed by other instant killing effects that are not damage dependent or by using Everything is Nothing again. (HERE) (Fixed)
      • Perfection of Soul currently fails increase a players reflex save despite is description. (HERE)
      • Perfection of [INSERT] currently fail to stop characters from automatically failing their save on a natural roll of 1. (HERE)
      • Inner Focuses Spell Resistance increase is currently not stacking with any other source of Spell Resistance. (HERE)
      • Becoming Uncentred whilst in Grandmaster of Flowers can cause all sorts of problems. I hate level through it. (HERE)
      • The Abiding Path prevents a character from benefiting from Freedom of Movement, despite providing different protections. (HERE)
    5. Legendary Dreadnaught
      • Sundering Swing applies regular sunder and not Improved Sunder for each swing. (HERE)
      • Sundering Swing currently doesn't work with unarmed attacks. (HERE)
      • Master's Blitz's duration is incorrectly set to 10 seconds rather than the stated 15 seconds. (HERE)
      • Master's Blitz'stimer freezes at 0:00 on the Buff Bar whenever a damage stack is lost, preventing you from seeing exactly how many stacks or how much time you have left. The examine window however will correctly tell you how long you have left. (HERE)
      • Momentum swing causes an unnecessary delay in attack sequence when used with unarmed combat. (HERE)
      • Momentum swing is not working correctly when using a Greataxe or a Maul on a Half-Orc. The animation shows three swings but the enemy is only attacked once (after a delay corresponding to what the normal animation for momentum swing should be). (HERE) (Fixed)
      • When using Momentum Swing with Handwraps, bonus damage from Tower of Despair rings is not applied. For example, you won't break Good Damage Reduction if Holy Burst on the Ring is your only source of Good. (HERE)
      • Action Boost: Attack/Damage are only granting +4, not the specified bonus listed in the tool tips. (HERE)
      • Combat Brute currently gives no bonus to damage, regardless of monsters being in a helpless stat or active action boosts. (HERE)
      • Momemtum Swing and Lay Waste don't apply damage correctly with handwraps. It's way lower than a standard hit when it should be increased by +5[W]. (Possibly, it's overwriting all previous +X[W]). (HERE)
      • Pulverizer doesn't increase critical threat range of handwraps. (HERE)
      • Tactical Genius doesn't appear to do anything, no cooldowns are reset after using it. (HERE)
      • Unstoppable cannot be used while under the effect of certain Stuns or Dance effects, or Bear Traps. even though its description does not specify this. (HERE)
      • Thick Skinned does not work in bear traps. (HERE)
    6. Shadowdancer
      • Enhancements that increase Shadow Charges fail to do so, even though they were supposedly fixed in Update 15. Yes, my lists are time travelers too. (HERE)
      • The end of Shadow Dancers description incorrectly states “even summon a volatile shadow ally from beyond the Material Plane" which was an effect removed in Beta. (HERE)
      • Consume does not work at all. No save no damage and no no instant kill effect. You do get a nice 8 second implosion buff icon though. (HERE)
      • Executioner's Strike chance to kill or do 75 damage does not work. The extra crit range and multi and +1[W] do work however. (HERE)
      • Tier 3 Shrouding Strike says should stack to 7 charges but is only stacking to 9 charges. (HERE)
      • Shadow Training V allows for unlimited uses of Dimension Door rather than the stated 5 per rest. Standard cool downs still apply. (HERE)
      • Shadow Form is currently not applying any Strength Damage on critical hits. (HERE)
      • Shrouding Strike currently marks the targets correctly, but no shadow charges will be gained after the targets death. As a result, a lot of other abilities on the Shadow Dancer tree are effectively useless, as they need shadow charges in order to do anything. It is possible that this issue only occurs when not in some 'Shadow Form', or depending on the order you took the ability. Can someone please give me a straight explanation? (HERE)
      • Improved Invisibility will cause the player to tumble backwards if used while attacking and no buff will be grated, however if used while no actions are made it will be correctly applied. (HERE)
      • Shadow training IV's Shadow Walk abilities is not functioning correctly, and automatically removing itself from a player after the spell is cast. (HERE)
      • Pierce the Gloom currently does not seem to be granting the extra Attack Bonus. (HERE)
      • Rank 3 Shadow Lance produces a single lance instead of the stated three. (HERE)
      • Untouchable currently fails to increase Dodge with Shadow Charges. (HERE)
    7. Fury of the Wild
      • The Tunnel Vision ability is currently only granting 1d8 extra damage for Tier 2 when its meant to be granting 1d10. (HERE)
      • The Tunnel Vision ability is currently not working with Handwraps. Hands up who saw that coming please. (HERE)
      • Fury Made Placid currently has the chance to paralyze friendly targets, as it mistakenly thinks incoming healing is damage. Even with a +6 Wisdom Modifier, Barbarians are still dumb. (HERE) (Fixed)
      • Fury Made Placid currently seems to only heal for 1d100, not the specified 2d100 every 2 seconds for 10 seconds - Its still better Shiradi Champions Healing Springs. (HERE)
      • Sense Weakness currently does not work with unarmed attacks. (HERE) (Fixed)
      • Primal Scream Rank 3 incorrectly states it's grants +3 Strength and Constitution, however it correctly grants +5 to both stats. (HERE) (Fixed)
      • Unstoppable Fury from the Fury of the Wild destiny applies the To-Hit Bonus when you are missed by an enemy instead of when you miss an enemy as stated. (HERE) (Fixed)
      • Fast Healing currently conflicts with Wholeness of Body on Monks. Either causing Fast Healing to do nothing, or Wholeness of Body. Using Wholeness of Body will simply have your character sit meditating, no Progress Bar will show. (HERE)
    8. Magister
      • Grand Summoner is currently not stacking with the Augment Summon Feat even though the description says it should. (HERE)
      • Unearthly Reactions invisibility tumble effect for the Tier 3 ability does not suppress all graphical effects, as such some remain when its used. (HERE)
      • Arcane Adept currently incorrectly states that it lowers spell point costs by 10%, when in fact its only granting 5%. (HERE)
      • School Augmentation currently causes area of effect spells to reduce party members Saves (Depending on selected School), although its only meant to work on enemies.
      • The Arcane Spellsurge ability is easily interrupted even by simply moving, which then immediately starts its it's 4 minute cooldown. (HERE)
      • Magister icons are invasive, causing other Epic Destinies to have those icons instead of theirs for the abilities that are on the same location of the tree. (HERE) (Fixed)
      • Arcane Tempest currently requires foes to make a Reflex Save, though this is not mentioned in the description. (HERE)
      • Magistar Sigil's have range issues, often believing that the player is casting them at a distance, or in weird locations. (HERE)
    9. Shiradi Champion
      • Otto's Whistler isn't getting the full 18 seconds for tier 2 as it says in the description. (HERE)
      • Otto's Whistler and Pin go on timer however fail to fire Bolts when used with a Crossbow in a Reload sequence. (HERE)
      • The time description of Healing Springs is incorrect for tiers 2 and 2, the 2nd tier should read every 40 seconds and the 3rd tier should read every 20 seconds. (HERE)
      • Illusion of well being currently doesn't grant the additional use per rest. (HERE)
      • Offensive spells that are 'self centered' (Implosion, Death Aura, etc) can trigger special effects to be cast on the player; Many Favored Souls were harmed in testing this. (HERE)
    10. Unyielding Sentinel
      • Hardened currently seems to scale the additional Armor Class it grants depending on the armor type worn. (HERE)
      • Vigor of Battle currently fails to grant additional 50 Hit Points after you acquire Stalwart Guardian. (HERE)
      • Fanaticism is currently not regenerating Smite Evil charges as it should. (HERE)
      • Endless Smiting is currently not increasing Smite Evil charges at an increased rate, this could be linked to Fanaticism's bug. (HERE)
      • Ward Against Evil is currently not dealing any light damage when you are missed by evil attackers. (HERE)
      • Legendary Shield Mastery's doublestrike proc rates do not currently stack. (HERE) (Fixed)
      • The Vigor of Battle Stance is not currently not granting said 10% Healing Amplification, likely due to every other bug currently effecting Healing Amplification. I'm so sick of Amplification. (HERE) (Fixed)
      • Intolerant Blow appears to be capable of being taken as a fighter bonus feat at level 20, if you meet the Smite Evil prerequisite. (HERE)
    11. Twists of Fate
      • Twisted Passive abilities currently seem to not function correctly, or at all. (HERE)
      • Twisted Legendary Tactics (Rank 3) only gives +2 (Rank 1) to stunning Fist, not the +6 it should be. (HERE) (Fixed)
    12. Miscellaneous
      • The Fatespinner checks for n * 1000 Platinum when you attempt to reset your destiny, if requires 150 Platinum to reset, you'll need 150,000 Platinum on you for the box to be selectable. (HERE)
      • Making adjustments to active Epic Destinies can cause players to lose bonus associated with it (Such as Hit Points, Spell Points, etc). Relogging will correct this issue. (HERE)
      • Selecting 'Reset Tree' however selecting Cancel and then spending Destiny Points on abilities causes the game to think you've reset your Destiny Points, and causes the cost for your reset increase. Mine's currently at 203,750 Platinum. (Fixed)

    Monster Manual:
    1. You've Killed your First INSERT!
      • The Monster Manual currently has issues counting, and will incorrectly display "You've Killed your First INSERT!" for every monster of a race you kill after killing a new type in a single instance. Leaving or Resetting the instance will correct this. (Known Issue)

    Cosmetic Companions:
    1. Rust Monster Trick - Jump
      • Rust Monster Trick - Jump incorrectly shows the icon for Rat Trick - Attack. Rust Monsters are not Rats, and as such should not be treated as such!

    Cannith Crafting:
    1. Crafting Levels 150 - 200
      • The Release Notes state that crafting level cap has been increased, however Shards and Levels are still currently capped at level 150. (HERE) (Fixed)
    2. 2% Dodge Shard
      • Cannith Crafted 2% Dodge Shard is only adding 1% Dodge, and as a result is not stacking properly with the Cannith Crafted 1% Dodge Shard. (HERE) (System Limitations) (Working as Intended)
    3. Righteous Shard
      • Righteous on Cannith Crafted items currently doesn't break Good Alignment Damage Reduction. (HERE)
    4. Spell Casting Implements
      • Deconstructing Spell Casting Implements does not offer a full list of appropriate Essences to receive back from the item. (HERE) (Working as Intended)

    1. Airships
      • Lolth has stolen many Airship amenities from most Guilds across all game servers. (HERE) (Fixed)
      • Guilds may use coupon SHIP75 for a 75% discount off amenities in the DDO Store. Coupon is good through Sunday July 1st, limit 10 per account.
      • Guilds may use coupon Ship01 to receive free airship amenities in the DDO Store (up to 1,800 points total shopping cart value). Limit 15 per account, valid through Thursday July 15th.

    Quests, Raids & Challenges:
    1. Dungeon Alert
      • Some quests are currently experiencing Dungeon Alert without alerting players. Lolth is hiding the fact that you've angered her and her followers.
    2. Traps
      • Traps are currently not rewarding Trap Parts for disabling them. (HERE)
      • All Traps in Elite Quests currently seem to not scale with appropriate damage, cases of receiving 150+ damage in level 2 quests on Elite have been reported. (HERE) (Fixed)
      • Bear Traps currently produce a String Table Error when making saves against them. (HERE)
    3. Spell Wards
      • Lolth has decided that the usual rules of Physics do not apply anymore, and as such certain Spell Wards are considered 'blocked' when making disable attempts even if there's a clear line of sight. Moving around the Ward to another angel can be used as a work around. (HERE)
    4. Challenge Rewards
      • Level 21+ Characters are currently receiving over level penalties on Challenge Rewards, even if they are running it at an appropriate level. (HERE)
    5. Ascension Chamber
      • The Splash Screen for Ascension Chamber is currently incorrectly showing Gianthold Tor. (HERE)
      • The explosion and silhouette is gone from spawning asteroids, making it impossible to spot them easily. Until they hit you in the back of the head that is. (HERE)
      • It is possible for a large number of asteroids to spawn simultaneously, rather than staggered as they should be. (HERE)
      • General desynchronizing issues in asteroids. I'm not sure what that means, but I believe it due to the physics engine. (HERE)
    6. The Lord of Blades
      • The optional chest in Epic Hard Lord of Blades is currently granting Tier 1 spirits. (HERE) (Working as Intended)
    7. Into The Deep
      • Selecting the "Can you help?" option before entering the underwater area on Epic Normal Into the Deep causes the game to lock you out from progressing further. Selecting "Go west and east. Got it." works however. (HERE)
    8. Beyond the Rift
      • Beyond the Rift cannot be competed if groups open the cage for the captives prior to killing all Drow, on doing this the objective "Release all captives" will remain unfinished. (HERE) (Fixed)
    9. The Portal Opens
      • Upon instant killing the first Priestess the Spider 'Statues' won't activate, causing the first objective to remain uncompleted. (HERE)
      • When moving from the first part of the Portal Opens (Getting the Spell Components) to the end part, a Quest Window will pop up even though you're not entering a new quest. This is also making it impossible to recall from the quest. (HERE) (Fixed)
    10. The Lost Thread
      • Using Everything is Nothing whist Ana is considered hostile can cause her to be erased from existence. (HERE)
      • Completing the quest objective "Remove Ana's Slave Collar" occasionally does not register, breaking the quest and making it impossible to complete. (HERE)
      • Killing the first wave of monsters in the end fight too fast stops the following spawns rendering the quest impossible to complete. (HERE)
    11. The House of Broken Chains
      • You can kill the Guard Captain in House of Broken Chains before the quest objective to do so comes up. Doing this will cause the quest to be uncompletable. (HERE)
    12. Trial by Fury
      • Drider Guardian Cho'ahz chest remains locked even after defeating him. (HERE)
    13. Murder by Night
      • After unlocking the main door some of the villagers that turn into Werewolves occasionally ran out of the main door and can't be targeted or killed. This means the quest cannot be completed. (HERE)
    14. Sevants of the Overlord
      • Scaling in Sevants of the Overlord on Epic Normal isn't applying correctly, with higher than expected level monsters spawning and eating groups for breakfast. Lolth needs more sacrifices! (HERE)
    15. The Spinner of Shadows
      • The Epic Chest in the Spinner of Shadows fails to drop any Epic Token Fragments when completed on Epic Hard. (HERE)
    16. Tide Turns
      • The Ice/Blade trap before the Shield Disable lever cannot be disabled, as the box cannot be found. (HERE)
    17. Litany of the Dead
      • The Splash Screen for Litany of the Dead is currently incorrectly showing Gianthold Tor. (HERE)
    18. Partycrashers
      • After completing Partycrashers on Epic Normal the Epic Chest will remain locked. (HERE)
    19. Sinister Storage
      • Monsters currently stop spawning during the wave fight with Mindflayers and other monsters, rendering the quest completable. (HERE) (Known Issue) (Fixed)
    20. Vale of Twilight - Slayer
      • Some Experience values listed in the Vale of Twilight are higher than they actually are, for example for 750 Kills it lists the reward as 25,000 Experience. Values actually awarded are correct however. (HERE) (Aknowledged)
    21. Web of Chaos Chain
      • People who completed the Web of Chaos chain before the release are currently unable to repeat the three flagging quests. (HERE) (Fixed)
    22. Epic Quests
      • Lolth has decided to tease players by making some Epic Tokens and Fragments unclickable from end Epic Chests in various quests. (HERE)
    23. End Rewards
      • Recent engineering work has resulted in oddly scaled End Reward Lists. Heroic Content can reward Epic Items, and vice versa. (HERE) (Acknowledged) (Fixed)

    Public Areas:
    1. Inspired Quarter
      • NPCs in the Inspired Quarter area are currently incorporeal, and can be walked through by players. (HERE)
    2. All Areas - Blessing of the Silver Flame
      • The Blessing of of the Silver Flame 'buff' granted by consuming the Silver Flame Symbol rewarded for achieving 150 Favor with the Silver Flame is not correctly granting 4HP + 10SP in Public Areas. (HERE)

    1. Air Mephits
      • KookieKobold has recently turned Rogue, and caused all Air Mephits to summon CR 0 Kobolds which stand in place. Summons seems to reference the wrong monster ID. (HERE)

    2. DNT TBD Monsters
      • The Menace of the Underdark Expansion is full of DNT TBD Monsters, possibly the most frightening kind for Developers. Yes, I troll through my list as well. (HERE)
    3. Scenic Animals
      • All Scenic Animals are currently listed as 'Squirrels', even though they clearly aren't.
    4. Drow Necromancers
      • Drow Necromancers which have been tripped, stunned, held, etc. continue to move and raise undead minions. I wish I had a minion. (HERE)

    1. Flawless Green Dragon Scales
      • Flawless Green Dragon Scales are currently Bound to Character on Acquire, however they should be unbound. (HERE) (Aknowledged) (Fixed)
      • Some Flawless Green Dragon Scales aquired before Update 14 Patch 1 have remained Bound to Character, however they should be unbound.
    2. Drow Smoke Goggles
      • Drow Smoke Goggles are acting like the original Ring of the Stalker, and as such Manslayer fails to work on them. (HERE) (Fixed)
    3. Hide of the Goristro
      • Hide of the Goristro with Tendon Slice 10% currently doesn't function on Ranged or Melee attacks. (HERE)
    4. Vestments of the Sun Soul
      • Vestments of the Sun Soul is currently not providing the the prescribed Enhanced Ki +1 on hit. (HERE)
    5. Seal of Dun'Robar
      • Seal of Dun'Robar with Tendon Slice 10% currently doesn't function on Ranged or Melee attacks. (HERE)
    6. Seal of House INSERT
      • The Seal of House INSERT is listed as being both "Bound to Character on Equip" and "Bound to Character on Pickup", causing it to be Bound to Character when looted. (HERE) (Acknowledged) (Fixed)
    7. Dwarven Axe of the Weapon Master
      • Dwarven Axe of the Weapon Master is currently behaving as a Two Handed Weapon for Animations, however still allows for a off hand Weapon or Shield to be equipped, though they cannot be used. (HERE) (Fixed)
    8. Bracers of Wind
      • Bracers of Wind incorrectly say they are adding 3 Dodge to AC, when it is in fact adding to dodge percent as it should. This may not be true for all versions of the item and it is unclear if it is an item text error or mechanic error. (HERE)
    9. Draught of Greater Heroism
      • Draught of Greater Heroism doesn't act like the Greater Heroism Spell, instead it behaves like Song of Heroism, meaning it doesn't grant fear immunity or bonus Health Points. (HERE)
    10. Potion of Irian's Light
      • Potion of Irian's Light incorrectly state they grant a 100% bonus to Light Damage Spells, rather than fitting in with the new Spell Power mechanic. (HERE)
    11. Crystal Cove Pirate Hats
      • Potency on Crystal Cove Pirate Hats is currently applying less than it should. (HERE)
    12. Epic Roderic's Wand
      • Unequipping Epic Roderic's Wand will remove the Augment Summoning buff from Hirelings and Homunculus, reequipping the wand however reapplies the buff. (HERE)
    13. Madstone Boots
      • Madstone Rage currently prevents the use of the Wild Shots ability from the Shiradi Champion Epic Destiny, apparently you can't throw daggers while angry. (HERE)
      • Madstone Rage currently prevents the use of the Lilly Petal ability from the Grandmaster of Flowers Epic Destiny, apparently you can't project Ki while angry. (HERE)
      • Madstone Rage currently prevents the use of the Orchid Blosom ability from the Grandmaster of Flowers Epic Destiny, apparently you can't project Ki while angry. (HERE)
      • Madstone Rage currently prevents the use of Barbarian Rage, because Lolth has deemed that once you are angry, you can not be double angry! (HERE)
      • Madstone Rage currently prevents sneaking, because Lolth has deemed that angry people can not be quiet. (HERE) (Fixed)
      • Madstone Rage currently prevents Monks from changing stances, although in the past it hasn't. (HERE) (Fixed)
      • Madstone Rage currently prevents turning subtle backstabbing on. Subtle backstabbing can still be used with Madstone Rage, but needs to be activated prior to raging. (HERE)
      • Madstone Rage no longer allows players to turn on Combat Expertise, which in the past has been made to dispel all forms of Rage. Angry people will always be angry. (HERE)
    14. Scepter of Fleshweaver
      • The Scepter of Fleshweaver is apparently not a Spell Caster implement, and as such does not have Implement Spell Power. Its clearly for Madstoned Barbarians. (HERE)
    15. Green Steel Helms
      • Green Steel Helms no longer have a graphic which can be viewed by turning on the 'Show Helmet' option. (HERE) (Fixed)
    16. Rock Boots
      • Rock Boots are currently only applying 54 Acid Spell Power on the Level 8 Tier 1 version, although the description states it should be 60 Spell Power. (HERE)
    17. Nicked Scimtimar
      • Whilst in Animal Form, Druids receive no additional damage effects from using a Nicked Scimitar. (HERE)
    18. Shield of Legend
      • Shields obtained prior to Update 14 have not been retroactively changed, and still possess their original enchantments. Shields affected are Adherence, Arrondi, Bijio, Death's Door, Fanion and Talon. There is currently no way to update them. (HERE)
    19. Phiarlan Pendant of Time
      • The Phiarlan Pendant of Time 'Warp Speed' effect does not remain active when loading in to a new public area. (HERE)
    20. Greater Shaman's Fury
      • Greater Shaman's Fury currently seems to be having no effect, it should be granting +84 Equipment Bonus to Elemental Spells. (HERE)
    21. Spell Power Set Bonus
      • All Spell Power Set Bonuses are currently not working. Their broken, meaning, they do nothing. They're dead, Dave. Everybody Dave. Every bodies dead, Dave. They're all dead. Everybody's dead, Dave. (HERE)
    22. Glacial Assault Set Bonus
      • Glacial Assault set is currently doing something I don't understand. I don't understand Spell Power (Much like AC) people! Please use little words! Well, okay, I gather its just not working. (HERE)
    23. Xachosian Eardweller
      • Xachosian Eardweller's Xachosian Spell Frenzy incorrectly states it grants 100% Bonus to Spell Damage. (HERE)
      • As Warforged are no longer Immune to Diseases, Warforged can now acquire Xachosian Larvae, however, upon consuming it the replenishment of Spell Power over time does not activate. This is likely linked to the same issue Spellsong Vigor has. (HERE)
    24. Spell Absorption (n/Day)
      • Items with Spell Absorption (n/Day) are currently Absorbing Pale Masters Death Aura, depleting all charges before any self healing effect is given whilst in form. (HERE)
      • Devotion & Potency Effects

      • Devotion is currently only applying 90% of the Spell Power Bonus its listed as on the item. This is confirmed by the Character Sheet. (HERE)
      • Devotion and Potency are currently boosting Scroll Healing amounts, it is unclear what else it currently works on. (HERE)
    25. 'Immunity' to Disease & Poison
      • Items granting 'Immunity' to Natural Diseases and/or Poisons are currently not functioning correctly, and providing no immunities whatsoever, even if the debuff specifically says its a natural effect. (HERE) (Fixed)
    26. Miscellaneous
      • Items that have had their durability increased will currently have damage, repairing this at a vendor will fix the problem however may prove costly. This could also result in permanent damage as the game cannot distinguish damage from questing or from durability changes. (HERE)
      • Some Randomly Generated Items have incorrect minimum levels, having far higher than they should. (HERE)
      • Burst Graphics on weapons are no longer showing a large 'aura' of the burst damage type around the weapon, instead looking the same as any other non-burst damage type. (HERE)
      • Items no longer give a warning before equipping 'Bound to Character on Equip' items, looting 'Bound to Character' items from chests still gives an appropriate warning however. (HERE)"
      • Items sometimes require UMD 0, it seems Use Magical Device is trying to scale with item level however doing a poor job at it. (HERE)
      • Some Docents are currently requiring races other than Warforged to equip them, Use Magical Device can be used to get around this. Cyborgs are coming... (HERE)
      • Adamantine and Mithral shields and armor no longer seem to drop. It is unclear if Adamantine and Mithral properties were removed from the loot tables or not. (HERE)

    Spells & Effects:
    1. Binding Chains
      • The Binding Chains effect casted by Horned Devils, Lord of Blades, and other monsters currently causes a massive client crash. This crash can effect the whole group. (HERE) (Fixed)
    2. Tripline Web
      • Driders can currently cast Tripline Web through walls, floors, and other solid objects. Driders, illogically tripping players since 2012! (HERE)
    3. Spell Power - Divine Amplification
      • Spell Power from items (including implement bonus) and enhancements (Life Magic, Smiting, etc) only adds 50% of the intended bonus instead of 100% to the effectiveness of damage/healing per point of Spell Power. Tests and Calculations: (HERE), (HERE) and (HERE)
    4. Deadly Weapons
      • Deadly Weapons currently does not effect Randomly Generated Weapons with a +1[W] mutation. The buff icon will show, however the base dice will not increase. (HERE)
    5. Walk of the Sun
      • Monks using the finisher move 'Walk of the Sun' will now notice that the bonuses it grants no longer stack with other bonuses provided by items, spells, or songs. (HERE)
    6. Implosion
      • Implosion has been renamed to Consume, it is unclear if this was intentional or players now posses a Monster only spell. (HERE)
    7. Masters Touch
      • Masters Touch currently doesn't seem to apply itself to Weapons over level 20. (HERE)
    8. Goodberry
      • Goodberry currently cannot be cast in Public areas, making the spell useless. (HERE)
    9. Shillelagh
      • Shillelagh appears to not apply to weapons with a +1[W] mutation.. The buff appears in the upper-right corner of the screen but not in the inventory screen or on the item. (HERE)
      • Shillelagh occasionally removes all other damage types from the weapon it was cast on. (HERE)
    10. Maul
      • It is currently unclear whether or not the Maul spell produces any actual effect, as no buff is given and nothing is reported in the combat log. (HERE)
      • The spell description Maul currently says "may intimate the target" instead of intimidate. It seems Lolth cannot spell. (HERE)
    11. Howl of Terror
      • Howl of Terror currently seems to have no know effect. (HERE)
    12. Baiting Bite
      • Baiting Bite is currently failing to trigger a Bluff Check like the description states it should. (HERE)
    13. Spring's Resurgence
      • Some reports say Spring's Resurgence as having no effect whilst others say it works only whilst standing still. (HERE)
    14. Tenacious Pack
      • Tenacious Pack currently grants Animals immunity to Healing, rather than amplification. (HERE) (Fixed)
    15. Takedown
      • Takedown, a spell, currently shares the same activation timer as Trip, an ability. Whilst they produces the same effects, they use different modifiers for difficulty. It is unclear if this is intended or not. (HERE)
    16. Fang Spells
      • Upon switching weapons, any 'Fang' buffs applied to the weapon are lost and not returned when swapping back to the original weapon(s). (HERE)
    17. Frostbite
      • Upon switching weapons, the Frostbite buff applied to the weapon are lost and not returned when swapping back to the original weapon(s). (HERE)
    18. Summon Nature's Ally
      • With levels of less than required to cast Summon Nature's Ally, the Icon does not grey out suggesting it can still be cast. (HERE)
      • Summon Nature's Ally requires more Spell Points than listed, showing a cost of 10 but unable to summon them with 15. (HERE)
      • Summon Ally IV currently shows the wrong icon for the Spider Summon. (HERE)
    19. Enlarge Animal
      • The Buff Icon for Enlarge animal incorrectly states it grants +8 Size Bonus to Strength, when it should only say +4 Size Bonus. (HERE)
    20. Spell Resistance (Spell)
      • Spell Resistance is currently causing party members to make unneeded saves, for example haste rolls against a players Dodge and Holy Aura checks against a players Spell Resistance. (HERE)
    21. Bladesworn Transformation
      • Bladesworn Transformation currently does not stack with Rage Potions, although they should be different bonus types as Bladesworn Transformation is a Profane, and Rage is an... I'm ANGRY! (Morale) Bonus. (HERE)
    22. Shield
      • Items which cast Shield now last 5 minutes however the protection against Magic Missle's only lasts for the first minute. (Just like in early Beta) (HERE)
    23. Fire Shield (Hot Version)
      • Fire Shield (Hot Version)'s immunity to webs stops working before the buff has timed out, much like Shields protection from Magic Missiles. (HERE)
    24. Harried
      • A Harried effect reduces players movement speed by 2% whenever any monsters attention turns to a player, regardless of distance or Dungeon Alert. (HERE)

    Non-Player Characters:
    1. Fred
      • Fred has once again got himself stuck in a situation far beyond his Adventurer Expertise and is currently disabled. Some say he's been lost in the Demon Web after battling Lolth, others say he's reprogramming Ana's mind, all we know is, he's Fred. (HERE) (Known Issue) (Fixed)
    2. Eberron Dragonshard Collectors
      • In an attempt to slow down adventurers, Lolth has had Fred wipe Eberron Dragonshard Collectors minds. Because of this they now refuse to accept Eberron Dragonshards of any size and simply stop talking to players. (HERE) (Fixed)
    3. Lars Heyton
      • Upon hearing what happened to the Sahuagin, Lolth has cursed Lars Heyton and removed a majority of his Hit Points. (HERE)
    4. Epic Hirelings
      • Epic Hirelings are less useful than a level 1 Cleric in Elite Tower of Despair. They currently refuse to heal unless set on suicide mode, and have a poor spell selection on their Shortcut bars. (HERE)
    5. Homunculus (Druid & Artificer)
      • The 'Trip' Enhancement line for Druids Homunculus does not actually allow Homunculus to trip enemies, however instead does Constitution Damage to them. (HERE)
      • Raging Wolf I currently has no effect when used, it seems Druid Homunculus cannot become angry, unlike people with Madstone Boots. (HERE)
      • In order to train your Homunculus it must be dismissed then re-summed, this will remove any buffs on them. (HERE)
      • Homunculus will only attack the training dummy if it was already alive when they entered the boat. If the dummy dies at any point while the pet is on the boat (even on a different deck) the pet is likely to ignore all commands to attack. (HERE)
      • Homunculus refuse to recall from Dungeons into Wilderness Areas after a quest has been completed. (HERE)
      • Homunculus who's masters have the Augment Summoning Feat are unable to gain normal levels of Fortification from items. (HERE)

    1. Free Lesser Reincarnation
      • There have been reports that the Free Lesser Reincarnation Kruz offers has the possibility to remove all Tomes previously used. To correct this You have to call customer service to have the Tomes reapplied manually. (HERE)
      • There have been reports that the Free Lesser Reincarnation Kruz offers has the possibility to remove all Epic Destiny Experience previously earned. Cases of this have been isolated, but and many people have experienced no issues. Reincarnate at your own risk.
      • Players who wish to undergo different forms of Reincarnation (+1, +3, etc) are Forced to use the Free Lesser Reincarnation then wait a week before they can undergo the one they intended. It has been reported that Kruz gives you the option of which Reincarnation you'd like to under go, so read carefully! (HERE)
    2. Homunculus + Reincarnations
      • Upon Reincarnation, Artificer and Druid Homunculus will lose any equipment equipped before undergoing the Reincarnation. Just because Kruz said your pet is in a 'Dog Home', doesn't mean its not dead. (HERE)

    1. Effect Suppression Issues
      • There is currently a bug that seems to suppress item, enhancement, and feat effects, most noticeably fortification and Undead/Construct Essence healing. This has been reported to occur after death, after becoming Uncentred on Monks, after being Helpless or Incapacitated. It is likely related to having a major state change involving incapacitation. Re-equiping items may provide a temporary fix. (HERE) (Fixed)
    2. Favor Loss
      • It has been reported that you can decrease favor by running things on Epic Normal after previously running it on a higher difficulty. This needs more testing. (HERE) (Fixed)
    3. MyDDO & Epic Levels
      • MyDDO currently displays "Error! The page you were looking for was not found." when trying to search Characters with Epic Levels. It appears Turbine have tried to hinder Lolth from doing background research on would be threats. (HERE)

    User Interface:
    1. Help Window
      • Characters over level 20 cannot open a help window, instead a black screen is displayed that fails to load anything. This makes bug reporting almost impossible without using an external browser. (HERE)
    2. Shortcut Bars
      • Vertical Shortcut bars placed on the right hand screen of the game window behave strangely. It is possible for them to become narrow or for icons on the bar to become blurred and unfocused. Now everyone can have displacement! (HERE)
      • Shortcut bars may randomly re-size themselves, scaling strangely depending on their orientation and location on the screen. (HERE)
      • /UI Layout Load has issues loading Shortcut bars in to correct orientation. If the bar is orientated correctly before the command to load is given the bars will load in to appropriate places, however if not they will sit floating lost. (HERE)
    3. Inventory Panel - Details Bar
      • The Details Bar in the Inventory Panel no longer shows a damage modifier, instead it shows the damage range for the weapons base dice. (HERE)
      • Monks using Handwraps will not see their correct unarmed damage modifiers, instead it simply slows (1d6) with no appropriate modifier from Monk Unarmed Combat bonuses. (HERE)
    4. Social Panel
      • Full groups are not automatically removing themselves from the Social Panel, instead they remain listed but unable to be joined. (HERE) (Known Issue)
      • When apply to join a group however not being accepted or declined, the game thinks your pending invitation counts as being in a party. Like an issue caused by public groups. Relogging will correct the issue. (HERE)
      • Selecting the "Hide the content I don't own" button in the Social Panel is not working correctly, it incorrectly selects "Hide Public". (HERE)
    5. Guild Panel
      • The Renown Bar in the Guild Panel is currently over sized, extending out past its normal area. Resizing the window will not correct this as it simply scales with it. Apparently that 'Enlarge your Renown Bar' mail you get from the Sharn Syndicate are actually legit. (HERE)
    6. Character Sheet
      • The Gray 'Epic Level' Icon is currently causing a display bug which can cause third character classes to be pushed off the Character Sheet. (HERE)
    7. Mail Notification
      • If you do not use the Large Vitals Bar, you do not get any notification of new mail. (HERE)
    8. Quest Windows
      • Players with Bravery Bonuses above 99 will only see ... listed as their bonus, hovering over the ... will show your total number. (HERE)
      • There have been several reports that Bravery Bonuses have frozen, some people are unable to gain or lose Streak, regardless of what Epic level content they run. (HERE)
      • Opening a Challenge questing panel will prevent you from selecting difficulties on other non-challenge quests, and for Epic quests, alter the quest level to level 1. Logging out/back in will correct this issue. (HERE) (Known Issue) (Fixed)
    9. Quest Experience Report
      • Many players have gained the ability to slow or speed up time, and as such listed Completion Times have become random and do not reflect actual Completion Time. (HERE)
    10. Combat Log
      • The Combat log is currently incorrectly treating Spell Penetration as Dodge. This is also causing some spells that are not normally required to pass Spell Reisistance to do so, though upon failing the spell will still work. (HERE)

    In Game Chat:
    1. User Channels
      • When logging in the chat server automatically connects to every chat channel twice, although when messages are sent they are only received once. (HERE)
    2. Aliases
      • /ImportOptions (Camel case people!) currently does not function, producing an 'Unknown Command' error. Aliases added individually work correctly however. (HERE)
    3. UI Layout Load
      • Using /UI Layout Load twice after itself causes a "error: <string table error; tableDID" error, and fails to load anything. (HERE)

    1. Sounds
      • With the recent addition of extra sound options/sliders, some sounds have become unbalanced with others, music seems to be far louder than the others. (HERE) (Fixed)
    2. DM Voice Over
      • In some quests (Most noticeable Korthos and the Harbor) DM Voice overs have been removed. (HERE)


    Self Notes: (C) 0. (UT) 1099 Save Posts before closing window. Sleep more. If your reading this perhaps you should consider helping me?
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    I do not intend for this thread to become a 'bag Turbine' thread, it is simply a place to keep record of everything that's not working as expected in U14. I'm sure there are many other players, as well as QA/Dev's who hate having the head spin caused by shifting across dozens of threads and posts trying to work out exactly what's going on. I have not, and most likely will not bug report any of the problems I'm listing, as I'm hoping the individual that found them has already done that.

    As 404 said...

    Quote Originally Posted by 404error View Post
    ... There will always be bugs in DDO it will never be bug free at any point in its lifetime.
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    Having issues submitting a bug report? Here's Kookie's quick solution to submitting bug reports!

    Quote Originally Posted by KookieKobold View Post
    The best thing to do if you are unable to report from in-game would be to hop onto the forums (not using the in-game browser) and use this link:
    If you are still having major issues, here's Maj's comment on the Bug Tool and its functionality.

    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post
    Bug Tool: This is now functional. There is still a possibility of having issues, and we are still thinking about a newer solution to the tool. Be nice in the bugs though, I have a new guy doing it…kid gloves! I have a few other ideas to get info to QA from the community which should be active by the next Lamannia update. MadFloyd and I are trying to have the community as a whole more involved in the process. After all, we do this all for you.
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    Stalwart Defenders are supposed to get 1/2 their PRR from holding a sword and board (shield) and 1/2 from active SD stance. For instance, SD3 are supposed to get 20PRR from S&B and 20PRR from stance.

    However, the shield does NOT give any PRR. My SD3 on live only gets +20 PRR from pre, regardless of whether or not he is using a shield.

    (This may be from not having the Shield Mastery Feat, but there are other ways to qualify for SD.)
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    Default Monks and Uncentred

    Heavy Fort and a few other effects stop working if a Monk becomes Uncentred. Only way to get them to work again is to re-equip them. Tested personally.

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    I posted this elsewhere, but I will add it in here. Some armors that had retroactive changes had their durability increased but the additional durability caused a problem. For example tier I Epic Calvary Plate went from 190 to 270 durability after the update, but you had to repair it because the additional 80 points wasn't filled up so it looked damaged.

    This was never worn by me and was sitting in the bank. Level 12 & 16 Calvary Plate as well as Level 12, 16, 20 Duelist's leathers were affected as were some Crystal Cove hats.

    A guildie spent 1k plate on repairs of their banked and worn Calvary Plate. Other armors may have been affected.

    Edit: If you need pics I haven't bothered repaired the Plates.

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    Updated, thanks to those above. I've heard of them happen before (Seen a few in Beta too) so don't worry about screenshots. Keep the bugs coming!
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    How about the fact that modules were changed to colars and suppose to stay equiped?
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    Apparently, people are enjoying higher quality levels of drops now, but there are ovious exceptions:
    end reward for giants vault #1
    end reward for giants vault #2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Farayon View Post
    Apparently, people are enjoying higher quality levels of drops now, but there are ovious exceptions:
    end reward for giants vault #1
    end reward for giants vault #2
    This might be related to a new known issue that has been added:

    NEW - Opening a Challenge questing panel will prevent you from selecting difficulties on other non-challenge quests, and for Epic quests, alter the quest level to level 1. Logging out/back in will correct this issue.

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    The npc that hands out universal tokens, Being VIP only netted me 1 (pretty sure I got 2 or 3 a day on lam)

    If ftp are getting more tokens per day than vip..whats the point in vip exatly? /sigh (i know its a minor issue, been a heck of a day)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rizzia View Post
    The npc that hands out universal tokens, Being VIP only netted me 1 (pretty sure I got 2 or 3 a day on lam)

    If ftp are getting more tokens per day than vip..whats the point in vip exatly? /sigh (i know its a minor issue, been a heck of a day)
    I have both a premium and a F2P account, both get 1 token. Did you notice that they are unbound and will go in a shared bank or the mail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NexEverto View Post
    Madstone Rage currently prevents sneaking, because Lolth has deemed that angry people can not be quiet.(HERE)
    While I can understand why people would take issue, this actually makes sense.

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    My sword's 20% heal amp isn't working at all.

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    My Fatesinger, without any points on the tree yet, has masked ball going off on fascinate.

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    What the hell is going on with sounds!?
    Quote Originally Posted by Originally Posted by Random Person #2 View Post
    People who exploit bugs in code are cheaters cheaters cheaters. And they are big fat ****yheads too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archangel666 View Post
    Heavy Fort and a few other effects stop working if a Monk becomes Uncentred. Only way to get them to work again is to re-equip them. Tested personally.
    supposedly affects more than just fort... item granted SP, HP, turns, action boosts, etc... all goes away. bright side is: known issue, slated to be fixed in first patch.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lerincho View Post
    How about the fact that modules were changed to colars and suppose to stay equiped?
    modules are now collars is WAI. is there something else wrong with them? you aren't entirely clear, but it looks like you're saying they are not staying equipped?

    Quote Originally Posted by Vellrad View Post
    What the hell is going on with sounds!?
    might be WAI. check your audio settings... they split up the sounds a bit more and added some new sliders.

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    can't get my GS helm on guttural to display on the character or character log in screen. Helms for other characters are fine, just that one GS piece.
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    Someone was reporting taking an 858 damage Disintegrate from the Stormreaver.
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