Good Day Adventure , I would like to invite you to join our lvl 63 guild , Once known as Adventure Inc. our numbers have fell from 30 accounts to 5 over the past few years..mostly do to real life or players no longer like the direction the game was going . the remaining members of our guild are solid veteran players who are willing to lead & teach . We are mostly running 20-28 lvl content ATM ,but have toons at lower levels as well .

Our goal is to have enough members to get back on the daily raid runs as a guild , and we will be setting up days/time for complete Saga runs.
We play on west coast time , But do have a few members on east coast as well .

We are interested in players who can play 20+ hours week . Healina Everfine (Leader of Adventures Régime ) or Egbdf (second in command )

Healina of Khyber