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    Default Overzealous modding/censorship?

    First off, we have a great forum here and the intention is not to level unwarranted criticism for the sake of complaining about something.

    However there is merit in debating "how much is too much" with respect to editing, censoring or outright deleting posts in a forum.

    Speaking personally, I received a warning for making an innocent comment in a guildmate's thread, and the post was deleted. The comment was: "Where's the drama?"

    Today, another guildmate made a playful comment towards me in one of my threads, and I replied in kind.

    In both instances, no one was named, it is obvious it was between guildmates, the tone was not aggressive, and there were no "curse words"...although I did use a somewhat obscure word that does suggest something vulgar in the most recent post.

    There was no "calling-out" in the traditional sense, and in the most recent thread, the jibes that my guildmate made were low-key and subtle (bugging me about scroll farming/playing too much/telling me to go outside). My reply was of the same tone: I joked that it's too cold where I live, there are ravenous bears rolling around, and that if I was ejected from my guild for "playing too much" I would be eligible for a hefty severance package...

    Interestingly enough, the last time my post was deleted I attempted to review the community guidlines, however my browser stated it could not display the page. I have tried it several times today, with the same result. I attempted this with both Explorer and Mozilla. As such, I'm not even able to review our guidelines...

    Is anyone else able to view guidelines/rules of conduct?
    Any thoughts on having posts as I've described deleted?

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    There are some non native english speakers that mod the forums while the English speaking ones are not on the clock. They sometimes can not distinguish that the post is playful banter among friends and not fighting/arguing.

    You can appeal your warning by contacting Cordovan or Tolero they should be able to review and overturn it.

    Hope this helps.
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    If my post would have been serious, then I can understand. I thought it was obviously sarcastic, but maybe not. Turbine isn't exactly competent on what they allow and what they don't. I like being surprised if my post will stay or get deleted jk.
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    Got a question the answer may be on the wiki!

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    If you believe a moderation decision was made in error, please send one of us a PM and we'll take a look at it, or if you wish, file a ticket to DDO Community/Forum Support through Posting about moderation, however, is prohibited.
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