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    Default Must have packs for non-VIP players

    I wanted to get a new thread started for people to suggest the packs people should concentrate on getting first. I think more VIP's are going premium, and lots of F2P players are thinking of getting that first points card.

    First life, F2P to Premium:
    Deleras-Great xp and Voice of the Master. You can get to level 5 easily without spending a single cent. Then the Voice of the Master gives you 5% xp boost for life on that toon.(once you get to level 5 on subsquent lives and can equip it.)

    Gianthold-LOTS of xp and favor to get Draconic Vitality. 10 extra hp!

    Vale of Twilight-Lots of xp, favor for large ingredient bag, 3 raids that give good loot and the ability to get other large bags. These are the gateway raids to get geared to be able to run other, higher content. Also-+3 stat tomes as 20th completion rewards.
    Those are the highest priority IMHO. IF you can afford it, I would suggest Phiarlan Carnival. That will give you 2 chains to get epic tokens and epicable gear from.(The Lords of Dust chain is F2P.)

    Second and subsequent lives:
    Necro 1, 2, 4-The bundle of all 4 packs is often just a tad more (45 TP), so you may as well buy the bundle. Necro gives LOTS of much needed xp for levelling. Necro 4 also has the Abbot raid. Necro 1, 2, 4 is a must do on most TR plans.

    Vault of Night-Lots of great xp here. Some good epicable items. Lots of favor for bank space. Has a raid.

    Packs you will probably WANT to buy:
    Phialan Carnival- see above
    Red Fens-epic content and gear, more House K favor for bank space
    Devils of Shavarath-good gear, frequently run raids(chances at tomes)
    Sorrowdusk-if you play any kind of ranged toon that can't make its own bolts/arrows, favor here will give you access to good ranged ammo.
    Tangleroot-House P favor(for Pendant of Time) and there is a quick xp run in it.
    Ruins of Threnal-good item(Mantle of the Worldshaper) more House P favor.
    The Restless Isles- some good items
    Sentinels of Stormreach-epic content, some loot

    I know I forgot something important, but this is my basic list. What say the rest of you?
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    Excellent thread Z!
    I agree with all those packs, but wanted to add the House C Challenges. You don't have to buy the pack, just remember to hit the daily challenge token chick for your daily 5 tokens. The mats can be used to get some decent gear or some excellent elixir boosts, or the epic mats can be traded in for Epic Tokens. AND for those that are VIP if you remember to grab the tokens you can use them to open those supply vaults for free and get some nice boosts!

    Edit: Also wanted to add Secret of the Artificers for a fun pack as well, it has some really nice loot, some of the more powerful weapons in the game atm, and 2 raids.
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    Smile I debated on that...

    Was going to add House C this afternoon as I had to do something this morning. House C challenge tokens are the best deal in the game- FREE!
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    I would like to add Devil Assault. It contains the Chronoscope raid, which is a good low-level raid that always gives out excellent loot with a pretty sweet set bonus.

    EDIT: Considering the proposed changes by the xpack, I'm not really sure this is a good option any more.
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    If you're looking to TR then i would suggest looking more into the higher level packs since this is where the f2p content starts to dry up.

    Devils of shavarath offers some nice xp and includes some good gear such as the bauble and TOD sets, which have something for just about any build. This will also allow you to get enough favor for yugo pots.

    The demon sands also gives some good xp along with both great raid and epic gear. The torc alone makes the pack worth buying for casters imo.

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    If the goal is to get to level 20:

    Demon Sands
    Vale of Twilight

    You can slowly work your way towards level 11 or 12 from free content (slayers are your friend), then the above packs will easily get you to level 20.

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    Default if the player wants PL's then ....

    house c challenges (way too much xp to pass up)
    necro (just go ahead and get all of it ^^)
    fens (only one quest there worth farmin but who cares)

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    Fun Packs to Solo/Hireling
    Shan-To-Kor: Underground multi-layered atmosphere with a variety of challenges. Had the most fun with a stealthy rogue.

    Demon Sands: A huge explorer area and challenging quests. Still take my elven archer out there when I am in the mode to hunt monsters. Nice loot

    Fun Packs with Group

    Devil Assault: Chronoscope Raid at lvl kills stragglers all of the time, nice sense of danger, dramatic voice acting. Had the most fun with an Air Sorc to date.

    VON: VON 5 Raid is impossible to solo and requires communication. Pretty rare to see someone stay silent in it the whole time. Will almost certainly see at least one death in every PUG. I enjoy character w/ evasion or blue fireshield so I get to be flung into the upper lvls by an air jet.

    Can have fun in other packs, but just chose 2 per category to keep it short.

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