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    Default Playing DDO with Turtle Beach "X12"s

    Okay so today, I got myself a pair of "Turtle beach Earforce X12" headphones, they are amazing!
    The sound quality that of beats for music, and sounds better than beats when used to play a game on your laptop, I have been wearing them for about 2 hours now and they do not hurt my ears at all.
    The mic sounds great and everyone has been able to hear my voice well, no complaints about too soft or too loud, and I have actually been told that it sounds considerably better then my old mic did.
    So, I was wondering, does anybody else play DDO using "Turtle Beach"s?

    Or, does anybody have them and use them on the X-box 360 and haven't tried them on the computer?

    Just give them a try if you have a pair, and if you need a new headset, look at "Best-Buy" or other electronic stores for a pair of "Earforce X12"s I got mine for $45 at "Best-Buy." I have seen them at Wal-mart, Best-buy, Game stop, target and I believe that they are available at K-mart.

    Thanks for reading my review of "X12's" & using Turtle Beaches to play DDO

    CJ out!
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    Default turtle beach

    I have a set and they were great until my kids destroyed them ..they are up to seven headsets this year. Damned kids!!!
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