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    Default Beware Ye All Who Enter Here!

    Lest ye summon the Dancin' Toaster and his army of Nyan-cats!

    Quote Originally Posted by macubrae View Post
    A Dwarf's beard should be thick, strong and long enough to tuck under your belt (to keep kobolds from swinging on it and giants from swinging us by them).

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    Quote Originally Posted by sacredguyver View Post
    Lest ye summon the Dancin' Toaster and his army of Nyan-cats!

    Hmmmm. While a colorful attempt at evoking a transcendental emotional response, the ASCII medium fails to be able to access the multiplicity of layers the human condition has to offer in a demonstratively meaningful manner. Overall, a worthwhile if somewhat flawed effort.

    I may not know art but I know what I like. *nyuck nyuck nyuck*
    "That's right, remember there's a big difference between kneeling down and bending over..." ~ Heavenly Bank Account by Frank Zappa
    "Your 'Gin n' tonic Futon Brain' cyborg implants sure make you smart!" ~ Seraphita, Element of Fire

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    haha funny +1
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