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    Okay, so I'm getting ready to TR into a PM. 2 questions:

    1) What equipment should I be looking for if I end up going Drow?

    2) What equipment should I be looking for if I end up going WF?

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    Things every wizard should have

    • Spell Penetration Item (Highest you can get)
    • Greater Spell Penetration Item (Highest you can get <- This will be lower then the Spell Pen Item )
    • Focus/Greater Focus items <- Every DC you can get will allow you to switch out to the school that brings the biggest bang for the SP
    • Potency/Specific Element Enhancement (Combustion etc.)
    • Arcane Lore/Specific Element Lore Highest you can get
    • Reflex save Item - While Insightful reflexes is highly recommended to boost Reflex save, any other bonus you can get here will greatly increase your survival against Spells like Sunburst while in Undead Shroud.
    • Int bonus Items (regular and exceptional) can add +9 to +10 to your Int
    • Con bonus Items (regular and exceptional) can add +9 to +10 to your Con
    • Medium to Heavy Fortification Item <- While in Undead Shroud you enjoy 100% fortification naturally fortification items will stack - adding More than 50% additional fortification opens up options such as Yugoloth potions and prevents loss of fortification protection.

    Items commonly sought
    Con-Op Item <- Temp HP/Spell Point Regen
    Cold Absorption Item (Green Steel crafting) <- Tower of Dispare Shadow Tanking
    Abashi Set <- Low level gear useful by every class from level 5 to 10ish - Epic Versions are useful at the epic level
    Ring of Spell Storing <- 75 Spell points per rest (Desert Chest)
    Twisted Talisman <- 150 Spell points per rest (Last Stand)
    Mysterious Bauble <- Major Nmeumonic Elixer once per rest (Weapons Shipment)
    UMD enhancement items <- Persuasion Item / Deleria's necklace (end reward) / Seven Finger Gloves (Titan raid) / etc.
    Luck Item

    Raid Gear that is helpful
    Torc of the Prince <- Demon Queen Raid
    Bracers of the Demon Consort <- Demon Queen Raid - Currently only PM's in Undead form are immune to its negative effect.
    Litney of the Dead <- Abbot Raid
    Staff of the Petitioner <- Abbot Raid
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