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    Well, I joined a PUG Shroud last night on normal (about 11 pm PST). The group organizer indicated he was still new and had only made 4 runs of the Shroud so far. When we finally filled, we went in. A couple of us more experienced players asked if anyone else was new, and only the aforementioned person mentioned his experience level. Part 1 went fine, Part 2 took three tries.

    After seeing this, I decided to get on voice and start to get this thing organized (I also typed in to check if someone could not hear voice). We asked for anyone who did not know how to do the puzzle to say something or dance at the door. It ended up that the N 5x5 person asked if he could get help after about 4 minutes in part 3, and the SE 5x5 person never said anything. We got rainbowed and I eventually just broke crystals to advance the raid after discussing this with the others in the group.

    Needless to say, we ended up wiping on Part 4. I got worried when one of the FVS almost died from the scouts (he/she waited about 6 seconds to heal themselves from about 40 hp). The two FVS (about 2300 and 2500 sp) died in rounds 1 of 2, respectively, of part 4. After those rounds, the vets were left and I asked the bard if he could heal the remainder. He said that he had been throwing most of the heals the whole time (O.O).

    I was the only 1 left at the end of round 3 and ended up not being able to take Harry down due to my stupidity (accidentally dragged the quickened reconstruct out of my hotbar during the fight). Even if I hadn't done that, I doubt I could have done it anyway.

    The wipe didn’t bother me (I actually wanted to see if I could take Harry’s final 10% down on my own, out of morbid curiosity). It was actually a weirdly entertaining run in that I wanted to see if a few vets could beat a normal shroud while carrying the rest of the group over the finish line. But two things do bother me:

    - New people should speak up if they are new. Don’t be shy/scared and end up getting the group wiped.
    - Some vets need to chill out a bit. I know it can be irritating in groups when the leader explains the next phase to someone, even if no one says they are new. But, if it is clear that some are new and are not saying so, it still helps the party. More to the point, lets us vets reinforce to the dirtbags of the game to be nice to the new players. Yes new players are not as good/well geared, yes they have to be carried sometimes, and yes they can be stupid. But berating the new players openly does nothing but encourage the first bullet point. Unfortunately I have seen way too much of this in PUG’s.
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