/not signed.

Paladins are OP already, there's no need to buff them further or we're gonna lose even more players. As it is, all the people I know who play fighters and barbarians are leaving the game in disgust because of how crazy strong Paladins are. I mean, seriously, Paladins are just melees but they get huge saving throw bonuses for no good reason, free immunities, DR-breaking weapons for almost free, self-healing, a ton of useful spells AND 10hp/level and full BAB? ***? And now you want to give them MOAR POWER? You powergaming types are all the same; you just want YOUR class to be better than everyone else's and you don't care how much it breaks the game.

It's already sick how much gear I have to get for my multi-TR'd Barb just to keep up with 1st-life Paladins with crappy weapons and this change would.... would just...

It's no good, I can't keep a straight face any longer. It's just that with all the incredible petty-minded childishness in threads recently of the "Something-has-already-nerfed-MY-main/I-already-feel-inferior-to-you-so-I'm-GLAD-you're-suffering-and-you-SHOULD-suffer" variety, seeing a thread where everyone's agreeing that a class ability is too weak (even if they don't agree exactly how it should be improved) seemed out-of-place

/totally signed. Passive ability, quicker activation, min/level duration, I don't know but it needs boosting.