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    as i remember pnp version of divine might IS charisma mod to damage and duration based on cha mod, so i think this is the way to go, and while at it the tiering of the enchancement should be abandoned.

    IF devs dont want splashes to be able to use this enchancement that is given on low lvls, it could have a +25% of bonus every 5 lvls of char, that way lvl 5 pally would gain 25% of cha bonus to damage 50% at 10, 75% at 15 and full 100% at 20, i know there would be big scream about it from all splash pallies but look at it like this, SHOW ME other class that gives so much JUST for splashing in 2 lvls of it.

    Soon we are supposed to get new enhancement system, so i hope there will be something done with this enchancement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redspecter23 View Post
    Paladins aren't allowed to have nice things. I think the best way to get this ability buffed up isn't to lobby for a paladin buff but to add it to the sorcerer savant lines and lobby for it on the basis of a sorcerer buff. If it were a sorcerer ability, I think they'd give it the buff it deserves Paladins benefiting would just be a happy side effect.
    This. I swear the devs only play Sorcs.

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    Some math...
    If DM takes 6 sec to cast
    x = average dam per hit
    y = swings per sec
    d = bouns from DM (2,4,6,8)

    Assume we recast DM after 54 seconds so we never attack without DM active.

    So damage per second is
    DPS = x * y

    Without DM our damage per minute is
    DPM = 60 * x * y

    With DM cast taking 6 sec our damage per minute is
    DPM = 54 * (x + d) * y

    So our break even piont is
    60xy = 54xy + 54dy

    so x = 9d

    *This ignores criticals, which would increase the damage numbers listed below*

    Or if you do more than ~72 damage per swing don't cast DM4 in combat
    Or if you do more than ~54 damage per swing don't cast DM3 in combat
    Or if you do more than ~36 damage per swing don't cast DM2 in combat
    Or if you do more than ~18 damage per swing don't cast DM1 in combat

    [NOTE Math done in a hurry, may contain errors....]

    Quote Originally Posted by HailBlazR View Post
    IMO it's balanced for a few reasons:
    -+8 to damage is pretty ridiculous. That's effectively +8 strength mod, or +16 strength.
    DM4 requires natural Chr 20 (13 stat build points and a +3 Chr tome), 20 paladin lvls and 10 APs (1/8 of your total APs).

    That is EXPENSIVE!

    I can cast DF AND Zeal combined faster than I can cast DM4
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