I'd like to either join or start a static group - one that plays all quests together and has regularly scheduled meeting times. Once or twice a week works best for me, preferably Friday or Saturday night eastern time (US). Most of my characters are on Khyber, but willing to start over on any server if I find a compatible group.

What I'm looking for:
Regular playtimes with the same people (not PUGs, though alts can pug all they like, just so the group keeps the characters from the static group reserved for "game night").
Team play - preferably a group that chooses a set of characters that work well together (healer, meleer, arcane, trapsmith, etc.)
Thorough exploration of the game - doing all the quests (and optionals) at least once, not just the popular ones (though starting at 4th level or higher is fine - I can solo the lower level stuff easily enough)

What I have to offer:
Experience (at least at low levels) - been playing the game since headstart, just never got around to capping a character (altoholic, and prefer static groups, so kept starting over)
Willingness to cooperate/help out - I'll play any class the group wants, help with gear if we play on Khyber (may not have the resources elsewhere), provide advice or avoid spoilers as requested, even provide guest passes for non-VIPs when we do P2P content

If you've got a static group that needs a replacement, or would like to start a new one, reply or PM